Future and Drake help “tell the tale of a toxic king.”

This past Friday, Future dropped his latest album called I Never Liked You. The album is filled with some pretty fantastic songs, including “WAIT FOR U” which features the likes of Drake and Tems. Both of these artists do their thing on the song, with Tems offering up some lovely backup vocals all while Drake delivers an inspired verse. Future takes a retrospective tone on this song, and it makes for a solid listen. Now, the song is about seven days old, and to celebrate, Future has dropped a music video for the song.

In this music video, both Drake and Future are presented as knights in shining armor, looking to secure the love of their queens. The entire video is presented like a medieval storybook in which Future is the “Toxic King.” It is a very dope concept and the visuals will also provide you with some Game of Thrones vibes. Future and Drake are two artists who always deliver with their music videos, and “WAIT FOR U” is no exception to that rule. Hopefully, Future will continue dropping music videos for this new album.

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