Gucci Mane links up with PeeWee Longway and BigWalkDog for his latest single.

Though he’s spent the past two years reconstructing the 1017 empire, Gucci Mane has come through with plenty of hits in recent times. This year, he came through with So Icy Gang: The Re-up, which included plenty of hits like “Publicity Stunt,” “Rumors” ft. Lil Durk, and more. However, it feels like Gucci is preparing to unload a new project soon, especially after the success of “Dissin The Dead.”

Today, the rapper slid through with a brand new single with BigWalkDog and PeeWee Longway titled, “Gelati.” The icy production meets PeeWee Longway’s laidback delivery as he nonchalantly details a life of lavish. Gucci Mane takes on the first verse with impressive triplet flows while Big Walk Dog energizes the track in the latter half.

Check out the latest song from Gucci Mane below.

Notable Lyrics
Negative energy impact my synergy
Nah, I can’t buy a car if it’s less than a ticket
12 pull me over, I tore up the ticket
N***as be hoes, they whorin’ to kick it