Travis Ryan Bramble is a Brooklyn-based young but accomplished Singer and Philanthropist with years of songwriting and music experience. He describes his music as aggression, vulnerability, intensity, and love all rolled into one. Travis is most proud of his intense activism and hobbies, which he hopes will help him advance his music career and spread his message of love. On July 20th of this year, he released “Self Love,” a new song about self-empowerment.

Trav B’s life achievements and craft demonstrate his eccentric sense of self regularly, and he intends to use his life story and platform to encourage others to love themselves and those who are different. He went on to discuss the misconceptions about his music that he had to overcome.

Once they hear that I sometimes rap about Comic book characters or Zodiac signs they automatically think I’m a cringe-worthy niche rapper. Then they hear my music and quickly change their mind.

“Self Love,” Trav’s song about self-empowerment, is also about loving and understanding yourself when you need to be your support system to get through life. With Trav’s appealing musicianship and rich poetry, “Self Love” burrows deep into the listener’s heart. This is a song that will make you bounce with excitement while also diving deep into your awareness, with enough variety and flavors to keep listeners glued to their recliners across the 3minutes and 46 seconds duration.

“Self Love” is a tune that begins with good energy and continues till the conclusion. Because the composition is exceptional, with flows that are unique and integrated nicely, the song has irresistible hooks and choruses that will reside rent-free in your mind as soon as you listen to it.

Listen to “Self Love” by Trav B Ryan featuring Rxdeboy on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Come here I been waiting for you
I need love from someone like you
When I look at me I see you
Tell me you got me
I got you