Hannah Dorman is a Surrey-based singer-songwriter and content producer who has over 345,000 fans on TikTok who are excited for this new era of music. Hannah’s compositions are rich in depth and flavor, and she creates an environment of such care and thoughtfulness that you all feel at ease hearing her songs. Hannah just released her sizzling summer hit “Fire,” which was released on July 1, 2022, and was written by herself and Ivon Roberts, with Sam Ray producing it.

Although “Fire” is Hannah Dorman’s most recent hit and the beginning of her new musical phase, it is a vibrant tune with a good sense of humor, and Hannah creates a light ambiance with her passionate, yet comforting vocals. The production work is outstanding, and the harmonies are expertly handled, with light instrumentation tossed in for good measure.

Hannah has a great flow that relaxes you everywhere in the music, and her backing vocals add passion and energy to this. Sam Ray has infused the song with his talent, drawing more attention and finesse. This extremely infectious tropical house smash encourages self-empowerment and is the ideal hot chick summer anthem.

Hannah Dorman has demonstrated her skill as an artist with her debut song, “Fire.” She sings wonderfully over the calming groove with her amazing voice. She has established a distinct sound that few musicians can match, as well as the ability to dominate different components in fire smashes differently.

Listen to “Fire” by Hannah Dorman on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!