Welcoming the enigmatic and talented Mark Rogers, better known as Hollywood Beyond, to our platform is a sheer delight. Hailing from Birmingham, Rogers is a musical maestro who made waves in the 80s with his unique sound and compelling lyrics. His return with the orchestral rendition of “What’s The Colour of Money?” is a nostalgic yet fresh experience, bringing a beloved classic into a new, vibrant light.

From the first beat, the song opens infectiously with fast-paced rhythms that capture attention. The blend of classical orchestration and contemporary beats creates a unique and enthralling soundscape. As the orchestral strings weave their magic, the powerful percussions set a driving tempo that promises an exhilarating musical journey. Then, the vocals hit, and Mark Rogers’ voice delivers the opening lines with a raw, emotive intensity: “Dull my senses, steal my pride, principles denied.” These lines set a poignant tone, reflecting themes of disillusionment and the relentless pursuit of wealth. Rogers’ performance is passionate and thoughtful, drawing us into a deep contemplation of the song’s message.

As the song progresses, the recurring question “What’s the colour of money?” becomes a haunting refrain. The answer, “Don’t tell me that you think it’s green, me I know it’s red,” challenges conventional perceptions of wealth, suggesting it is tainted with sacrifice and moral compromise. The lyrics “Passion faked and sold to the anthem green and gold” and “More precious than life itself, what’s the colour tempting fate?” further emphasize the corrupting influence of money. This highlights the song’s central message: money, once a means to an end, has become the master rather than the servant.

The production quality of “What’s The Colour of Money? (Orchestral Version)” is impeccable. Every instrument is perfectly balanced, allowing each element to shine without overshadowing the others. The orchestral arrangement complements Rogers’ vocals beautifully, enhancing the song’s emotional impact.

By the end of the song, I was left breathless and reflective and I know you were too. Hollywood Beyond has breathed new life into a classic through this masterful orchestral transformation. He doesn’t just remind us of the song’s catchy melody, but also of its potent message that resonates even more strongly today. So, the next time someone throws around the phrase “green with envy,” remember Hollywood Beyond’s powerful reminder: money might be traditionally seen as green, but its true color can be far more sinister.

Listen to “What’s The Colour of Money? (Orchestral Version)” on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.



PS: The artist was discovered on MusoSoup, and a contribution was made to publish this.