Released on the 8th of December, “Hold On” is the new album by French singer Alan Parsus, known artistically as AlanP, who originates from Lyon. It consists of 7 tracks and has a total playtime of 14 minutes and 45 seconds. And as an artist with a rich musicianship and some enthusiasm and aptitude, AlanP’s songs feature a highly distinctive sounding type of music and that appropriate amount of vigor to elevate the listeners’ mood. I enjoyed the entire song on the “Hold On” album because it is so airy and pristine, with no components conflicting in each song. It’s as though each component has a distinct purpose and performs admirably. This aroused my curiosity, so I sought out AlanP in his homeland and conducted an online interview with him. Continue reading to find out what we discussed. It was all fun.

Songweb: Describe your background and who you are.

AlanP: So my name is Alan Parsus, better known as AlanP I am a young DJ, a 19-year-old producer.

Songweb: What inspired you to pursue music?

AlanP: What made me want to do this was AVICII a very great DJ, a producer that I carry a lot in my heart

Songweb: What is it about music that evokes such strong emotions in you?

AlanP: My sounds and especially my sense of knowledge of music I learned music in all its entirety whether it is solfeggio, harmony, rhythm, and much else that I transmit emotionally in my genre to me.

Songweb: Describe your newest album, “Hold On” for us.

AlanP: My album talks about the breakup with my ex certainly it hurt me but I recovered like in the album, in the end, it’s a revival so we relive after instrumentally talking I let my heart speak and that’s it.

Songweb: What type of societal influence do you think “Hold On” will have?

AlanP: An emotional impact especially when people listening to the album find themselves in the album and say I’m going to get out of this complicated phase but time does things my album can help more than one we all go through a depression in our lives just have to have the strength to overcome all this.

Songweb: What do you hope the critics will say about your newest album?

AlanP: I don’t know and then I know that on the album I have already provided a lot of work because through the music I would like to help others as much as possible while telling them don’t worry I understand your suffering I’m also going through there but it will do it you will get up sooner or later.

Songweb: Identify the best and worst aspects of being a musician.

AlanP: The best I would say is that we play for our pleasure but also for others we invite people to enter our world and that’s incredible and the worst I would say is that we think music h24 šŸ˜‚ we sleep music we eat music we shower music and everywhere I fill my next girlfriend would have to be able to put up with all this šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£.

Songweb: What can we do to support your career advancement?

AlanP: So now I don’t know how to follow me already it would already be not bad to make people talk about me almost everywhere on TV, and the radio is full of others.

Songweb: Describe your future artistic plans.

AlanP: For now, I can’t say too much about it to avoid being robbed of the idea but the idea is to make commercial and not commercial music at the same time so here I’m putting some theory of music into practice to see if my idea is good or not the Einstein of music what šŸ˜„.

Essentially, this 7-track albumĀ is feel-good music with electronic and EDM origins. The acoustics generated for each song is interesting, thus the entire album is enthralling from the opening. The themes are incredibly advanced, relying on inspirations such as Dubstep, House, and Drum N Bass. With theĀ terrific combo of vibrant, joyous, serious, and lovely lyrics, the album gets a margin with theĀ vocal enhancements that give a lot of spice to it. I really adore theĀ female vocals in the sixth song, “Darkness Gives Way to Light,” whichĀ add to the album’s ambiance while also providing great propulsion. I believe “Hold On” is genuine, and the songs will definitely gratify listeners’ emotions and enable them all comfortable about themselves.

Listen to the “Hold On” album by AlanP on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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