“Thy Veils,” one of Romania’s most original and productive ensembles, was created as a studio project in 1995 by Daniel Dorobanţu before becoming a pioneer in the Romanian music industry and getting turned into a performing arts ensemble in 2008. With multiple projects under their belt, they are recognized for creating mesmerizing dance floor-focused electronic music that is filled with adrenaline and booming bass lines. They recently released “Influx,” a song with an upbeat feeling that will have you dancing to its rhythms. It was released on November 8th.

Opening with a catchy speed and an amazing vibe with some appealing basslines from the beginning, I admired how the song was introduced. It’s quite gratifying and the notion that the components are merged so effortlessly is very excellent. The singer, Maria Hojda’s vocals are charming and enticing. And, with her easygoing demeanor, she delivers smoothly, which is incredibly attractive. Her vocals penetrate the arrangement and draw the listener into a mesmerizing realm of grooves, creating an awesome time. The overall vibe of the composition is just pleasurable.

Lyrically, “Influx” is a song about all of us, because it’s about our collective consciousness. What we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember, and envision.” This is what Daniel Dorobanţu says about the song’s message. Maria’s delivery of this message gives the song a terrific listen, full of emotions that will make you soft as you listen to the entire track. Her fervor is palpable, and it wonderfully complements the lyrics.

Overall, “Influx” is a wonderfully appealing tune with parts that work perfectly together. The vocals are sweet and soulful, to make the audience feel wonderful in any way. Its patterns will definitely envelop listeners in the mood of the song. The funkiness also, adds a great deal of excitement to the beat with vibrancy. Everything about the song is excellent, and I’m positive it will be highly received throughout the world.

Listen to “Influx” by Thy Veils on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
Heart is like the moon
Bright in the deep green pool
Nothing can compare with it
You tell me how this can be

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