Austin-based Ethan Reue, known in showbiz as Reue pronounced (roi-uh), has been pushing the frontiers of underground electronic music from an early age and has now grown to be one of the most innovative and influential brains on the scene in his city, and is regarded as a prodigy in the making by his peers. He is an independent music producer and DJ with a unique aurally pleasing flair who discovered a mooring in music that he couldn’t find anyplace else than his household. His songs have a plethora of amazing subtle elements that are expertly blended from the genres of music to keep listeners engaged throughout.

His latest track, “Enamor,” is a composition with a rising cloud of synthesizers that rains down on us with great emotion and feeling. It has the right amount of oomph and is amazing for encouraging you to dance more proactive to the tempo. “Enamor” was released on November 24th, and its strong rhythm, which sounds amazing and kept us engaged with each beat, piqued our curiosity to host Reue to learn more about his talent and personality. Keep reading and have fun.

Songweb: Describe your background and who you are.

Reue: My background is pretty extensive. My mom was a concert photographer so she’d drag my brother and me to blues clubs and classic rock shows – that’s where I got my first taste of live music. Throughout school I was a part of various rock, jazz, and classical groups – even sang backup for Foreigner. I’ve always been about music ya know?

Songweb: What inspired you to pursue music?

Reue: The main inspiration came from a wide range of places – the pocket groove of blues always drove me, the energy of rock n roll drove me to want to be on a stage, then discovered Daft Punk at around 10 years old gave me the direction I was looking for. Deadmau5 and Skrillex are also a couple of early inspirations, love the three of them.

Songweb: What is it about music that evokes such strong emotions in you?

Reue: “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” – Stevie Wonder. Music is a way for humans to speak heavily complex ideas without words. Every little inflection an artist puts in their music means something and the greatest ones can put the listener in a world they’ve never seen before.

Songweb: Describe the steps you take to create a new song.

Reue: The steps I take are mental – clear the mind, go into the studio without intention, set up a scenario, and let the music tell me what to write. Those were the directions of Michael Jackson and Jack White and it seems to work for me! Music is already out there and you’re an antenna – it’s not your job to tell it what to be. Get your ego out of the way and let the music flow through you.

Songweb: Describe your newest project, “Enamor” for us.

Reue: Enamor is a love song – love for the self, love for others. it’s a warm cloud wrapping around you like a hug. It’s for that part in the night when you’ve been dancing for hours, listening to rager after rager, and the DJ brings it down to a mellow groove that takes you on an emotional ride.

Songweb: What type of societal influence do you think “Enamor” will have?

Reue: I’d love for Enamor and the rest of my music to make people just stop and think. I think we live a bit too fast-paced these days – I want my music to help people slow down, enjoy the “ride” and stop waiting for a nonexistent destination. They say music is about the journey rather than the destination. Otherwise, the best orchestras would be the fastest ones.

Songweb: What do you hope the critics will say about your newest project?

Reue: I hope they’d say good things! I’ve spent a lot of time writing and engineering my music so I always hope the efforts are well received!

Songweb: Identify the best and worst aspects of being a musician.

Reue: The best and worst part is the same thing – you exist in a world of art and creativity. It’s beautiful to chase a life where you exist and survive by creating stories and living moments however, that pursuit is not without immense struggle. Mentally, and physically.. the “starving artist” stereotype exists for a reason lol

Songweb: What can we do to support your career advancement?

Reue: I think the most helpful thing y’all can do is help spread the music as far and wide as you can! It’s all appreciated!

Songweb: Describe your future artistic plans.

Reue: The plans are to finish the current project and move on to the next one. Right now I’m releasing 27 songs biweekly over a year – Enamor is number 11. Each song tells a part of a big story and all the album covers are visual representations of the said tale. That’ll conclude in June 2023, then a remix album, a Daft Punk-style live album, and then its regularly scheduled EPs after that. Who knows what the future will bring?

Overall, the swing of the song is incredibly well-conceived, and the synth bass contributes to the tremendous rhythm, which truly raises the atmosphere and builds up in a wonderful way that gets you moving. The rhythm is fascinating, melodically rich, and emotionally charged. Furthermore, the careful utilization of numerous components without breaking the atmosphere of the tune is simply astounding. They add a breathtaking view to the track.

Listen to “Enamor” by Reue on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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