Triple M, a multi-genre musician, producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and creative based in Colorado Springs, has released a new ballad called “What If You Fly.” On September 23rd, he published this instrumental work, and it’s a song that will emphasize the courage in all of us, with ingredients to get listeners dancing and in a trance-like state. Fans of Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, and fusions will enjoy this sonic style, which is sure to captivate listeners. So we spoke with the artist, to learn more about this record.

SONGWEB: Tell us about yourself and how your work as an artist is influenced by it.

TRIPLE M: I’m Triple M, and I’m a music producer and artist. I’ve always been a musician in some fashion, but I’ve always been influenced by real life and the sonic pleasures it can provide when translated to music.

SONGWEB: Who are your most important artistic influences?

TRIPLE M: I grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan. As I progressed as a producer and engineer it was natural that I was inspired by the works of Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien. Q was my main influence on how I run my recording sessions, he and Bruce made magic. I’m inspired by creatives from all walks of life.

SONGWEB: Where do you get your inspiration and what trends influence your work?

TRIPLE M: Trends are overplayed, and I think it’s important for independent artists to find their own lane. I went against the mold in many ways with my upcoming releases because they’re instrumentals. I don’t think that’s necessarily the trend, but this time around I wanted to put my products on display. Jay-Z said once, “Don’t go with the flow, be the flow”. Trends vs. trend-setters.

SONGWEB: Could you tell us about your current project and its production process?

TRIPLE M: Over the past few years, I’ve worked in solitude. I had some success in Los Angeles working with other up-and-coming artists, but life had some shifts and I relocated back to Colorado. As things in my life were changing, so was my sound. Everything was a grind in L.A. I was in the thick of it. Things slowed down in Colorado and it allowed me to recalibrate and find who I was as an artist. Over the past few years, I’ve produced roughly 200 instrumentals and they haven’t left the walls of my studio. Earlier this year, I decided to create a series of instrumentals to share with the world. This is the first in the series of singles. I hope every track has an emotional connection with the listener and with this track, in particular, joy.

SONGWEB: In what ways has this project aided you in other aspects of your life?

TRIPLE M: Expression is important, and I express myself through creativity. It’s helped me remain happy in times when it was tough to be happy. It’s also brought me out of sadness. It’s given me balance in my life, which is refreshing in a world full of chaos.

SONGWEB: Could you define briefly the objective or purpose of your work?

TRIPLE M: “What If You Fly” is a story about courage within us. Things happen in life when you jump, but jumping can also be scary or even dangerous. We have to weigh the pros and cons of our decisions and it’s not always a walk in the park. That’s where faith comes in, it’s okay to believe in the best. You are capable. If you fall, get back up and learn from that fall… but what if you fly?

SONGWEB: Do you have any artist relationships, and how do they help you?

TRIPLE M: I had some close collaborators when I was in L.A. and Nashville and I miss working with them. Having solid relationships is important. Iron sharpens iron and I learn so much working with others.

SONGWEB: Describe how we can help you advance your career.

TRIPLE M: Enjoy the music and enjoy it again. I strive to make music that connects with people. Add my music to your playlist and share it with a friend. Get the feels, catch a vibe and come back for more.

SONGWEB: What have your critics and collectors had to say about your work?

TRIPLE M: My parents dig it and yours probably do too. The reception has been mostly positive which is exciting. The general reception seems like people want more after this and that’s the plan.

SONGWEB: How do you hone your abilities?

TRIPLE M: Studying the greats, I try to learn from everything. That’s our greatest tool, our ability to learn so learn from everything. Love what you do so much you want to do more of it. I always want to be better today than I was yesterday.

Listen to “What If You Fly” by Triple M on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

You can follow Triple M here for more information.