Benjamin, who was born and reared in Paris, began playing guitar at the age of 15 and was heavily influenced by blues and rock. Over the years, he created a personal style that combines his love of both electric and acoustic instruments, which is now on display. On September 1st of this year, the New York-based singer astonished his fans with a new sound dubbed “Ritual,” which makes the song highly attention-seeking. In terms of the song, Benjamin says it all started with one word during a chat with a close friend who was going through huge life changes. She brought it up, and it stuck with him. We then interviewed Benjamin on Songweb to learn more about his skills and influences and his current project.

SONGWEB: Tell us about yourself and how your work as an artist is influenced by it

BENJAMIN: I am a guitarist/composer. Creating new music is a way for me to dig deeper into my spirituality and express a purpose. It s a true lifestyle that I am so grateful to have found.

SONGWEB: Who are your most important artistic influences?

BENJAMIN: Anything authentic and passionate.

SONGWEB: Where do you get your inspiration and what trends influence your work?

BENJAMIN: I am influenced by life in its essence, and I m trying to put this into music. To express a feeling. I am mainly a rock guitar player, but I have developed through the years, very different approaches than my typical Rock music…

SONGWEB: Could you tell us about your current project and its production process?

BENJAMIN: My last project, The Ritual, is like nothing I have ever done before…I am a guitar player, and for the first time, I knew I needed more than just my guitar. I had “images” in mind, the scope of which was too vast to materialize only with guitar sounds. I needed to challenge myself and I decided to sample sounds and mix them with my guitar. This piece quickly became my obsession and It allowed me to explore music-making further than I had ever before. I dug deeper into myself, it became a kind of therapy. I felt free to use any sound that inspired me, I was not stuck in the same artistic patterns anymore…

SONGWEB: How has this project aided you in other aspects of your life?

BENJAMIN: It certainly broke mental barriers. I never thought that I would compose something like this, so far away from my habits. It unlocked sure new side of me.

SONGWEB: Could you briefly define the objective or purpose of your work?

BENJAMIN: The music sounds are a mirror to my spiritual quest, through my life experiences and sensations: joy, anger, loneliness, love, hate, envy, fears…
The purpose of The Ritual is to accompany you on a journey exploring the depth of your mind, allowing your imagination to go to unknown places, and not fear any judgment.
Open your mind and be free.

SONGWEB: Do you have any artist relationships, and how do they help you?

BENJAMIN: I regularly team up with some friends to perform and write songs.

SONGWEB: Describe how we can help you advance your career.

BENJAMIN: It s all about spreading the message ;). I hope this interview will inspire people to listen to my music.

SONGWEB: What have your critics and collectors had to say about your work?

BENJAMIN: I have been receiving great critics about “The Ritual”…You can read them on my Instagram @benjamincorson.
Here is one quote from TJPL news: “This is a composition that is rooted in concept, and creativity to merge the two in a way that I have never heard before. ”

SONGWEB:  How do you hone your abilities?

BENJAMIN: It s about challenging yourself and always being curious. Every day you learn something new. it s a never-ending quest…and it s great!!!

With this painting, I am certified to state that Benjamin is a true artist in every meaning of the word. He is not only highly creative and skilled, but he also has a genuine love for his work. “The Ritual”  is deeply touching and inspiring, and the recordings are superb, with artful arrangements.

Listen to “The Ritual” by Benjamin Corson with the link below and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

You can follow Benjamin here for more information.