Tyler Simcoe, a Kansas City-based musician known in entertainment as Simco, is a singer-songwriter, producer, and visual artist who has been crafting his style his whole life, performing many various creative roles at six different periods during his youth. The Missouri musician released a new tune called “Rushin'” on September 9th, along with a lively music video loaded with energy and passion.

“Rushin'” by Zimco is a pleasant and inviting tune with peaceful vocals and a compelling melody. Simco portrays feelings of pleasure in the song, which makes it addicting from the start, with contemplative and warm vocals swimming in a river of luscious harmonies. The lyrics and sparkly instrumentals in the catchy chords are very attractive, making the song seem friendly and appealing. And also, the song’s gorgeous graphics accentuate its lyrics.

With the track’s admirable, feel-good lyrics and melody, it’s tough not to grin as it is such a relatable lovely song with Simco’s vocals taking center stage to talk about the challenge of locating love nowadays that’s forcing him to rush around. The song’s beat is solid and robust enough to get us moving, and its optimistic attitude toward love will undoubtedly retain our attention throughout. The lyrics were kept simple and easy to grasp, which would appeal to a wider audience. “Rushin'” is an immensely addictive ballad.

Simco is on a mission with Rushin’, armed with distinctive lyrics, engaging melodies, powerful production, and irresistible energy. He embellished with possibly the finest melodic and vocal performances, and the video to the song, on the other hand, enhances it and demonstrates Simco’s skill in all that he does, because he directed the video and produced the music.

Listen to Rushin’ by Simco on Spotify and watch the video with the above link and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
But I was rushin and rushin and rushin and rushin around
Yeah I’m still rushin and rushin and rushin and rushin around
so I’m just hopin and prayin that all of the love that we found
can still be replicated so my brain can finally slow down
I’m still rushin around

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