Pappelallee is a rising star in the world of electronic music, hailing from the creative heart of Cologne, Germany. His love for creating new and expressive instrumentals shows through in his current single, “Deathwish,” which demonstrates his extraordinary abilities as a producer. His music takes you on a journey rather than merely making you dance. And with each track, he produces an immersive experience that transports listeners to another realm, with a sound that is both new and exciting. As a result, I was compelled to approach him from the other side of the planet and converse with him about “Deathwish,” a captivating instrumental that touches the spirit. Enjoy our conversation below.

Songweb: Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your latest project?

Pappelallee: With my latest release ‘Deathwish’ I wanted to build a club-orientated minimal techno track. It founds it’s groove in a kind of house base-line so things came together. I just let the groove roll the dice.

Songweb: How do you approach the creative process when creating new works of art?

Pappelallee: That’s where we are…

It does not need a concept to create art. Some people think to create art is following a concept or a trend.
I think to create art you need just to pick up a little inspiration, hold on to it and work it out in the way you have been given. Just let it float!

Songweb: Can you share with us a particularly memorable moment during the making of this project?

Pappelallee: Deathwish” is the beginning of a new kind of sounding of ‘Pappelallee’. It’s the first track of my third album starting to add atmospheric elements to my minimal techno and deep house tracks. This will give the tracks a lot more depth!

Songweb: What message or emotion do you hope to convey through your art?

Pappelallee: With my tracks I want the people to forget all around them and find a short moment of loss and inner peace. When I released my first track I thought it would be good enough to put it out to the world if I could only touch one soul with it for a few minutes of peace. Seems I reached that goal, so I practice hard to do my part in creating deep experiences.

Songweb: Can you describe how you incorporate your personal experiences into your work?

Pappelallee: To release art is like stripping in public. Every serious artist shows something from the deepest own mind. If it does not come from the heart, it’s not art. That’s why we artists do this…..showcasing our interests!

Songweb: How does your latest project differ from previous works you’ve created?

Pappelallee: I talked about it before, there is much more atmosphere inside.

Songweb: Lastly, what are your plans for your artistic journey and where do you hope to take your work in the future?

Pappelallee: My wish for my future is to find a way to perform live. They’ve offered me gigs. I told them that I’m not able to perform live, but they said that was not a problem. Ghost Mixer and a mp3 stick will handle it, just animate the people…
Sorry, not my kind of way! I wanna learn to perform my art live, so we can maybe one time join together and enjoy a nice night full of energy and creativity.

Speaking with Pappelallee about his instrumental track, “Deathwish,” was an eye-opening event. His producing abilities are certainly superior, as proven by the numerous layers of melody and rhythm on the tune. The haunting ambiance of “Deathwish” is intriguing and appealing, drawing the listener in. Pappelallee’s skill shows through this outstanding piece of music. “Deathwish” is a good contribution to the genre that is worth checking out for aficionados of electronic music, and it demonstrates why Pappelallee should be kept on the radar.

Listen to “Deathwish” by Pappelallee on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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