Joachim Zoepf, a well-known character in the German and European improv scene who hails from Erftstadt in Germany, is best known for captivating us with his experimental and minimalist music. Published on February 23rd, Joachim Recently released the “Geschmacksarbeit” album, a compilation of fourteen brand-new songs, that plays for 55 minutes and 14 seconds long. The album’s unprocessed sounds will transport you on an intriguing voyage as every song’s music perfectly captures its atmosphere and feelings, creating an ambiance that is ideal for listening to. I thus had the opportunity to speak with Joachim from the other side of the planet and host him for an online interview after hearing about and becoming fascinated. Enjoy the dialogue below while you relax.

Songweb: Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your latest project?

Joachim Zoepf: The basic idea of Geschmacksarbeit was to combine electronic sounds or noises with instrumental sounds (in this case: bass clarinet/soprano saxophone). For this, I created an interface in Max/Msp in cooperation with an audio engineer that I could control with my foot while playing. To simplify the whole thing in the operation, presets were then created for the individual pieces, which could then be called up accordingly. I then only have to call up the corresponding functions in the correct order. This sounds easier than it was it took over two years until I had everything so under control that I was satisfied with the result.

Songweb: How do you approach the creative process when creating new works of art?

Joachim Zoepf: Either I have an idea, just try something out or just play around. Of course, I record everything to be able to judge whether something viable is there. Then usually follows a long process until something is created.

Songweb: Can you share with us a particularly memorable moment during the making of this project?

Joachim Zoepf: In this project, the biggest problem was that during the live performance, the computer does not crash.

Songweb: What message or emotion do you hope to convey through your art?

Joachim Zoepf: Well, the title already says something about it. My work is about pushing boundaries, creating new listening experiences, and working less with musical clichés.

Songweb: Can you describe how you incorporate your personal experiences into your work?

Joachim Zoepf: I’m always looking for something I don’t know yet. This is how I get to know artists with whom I sometimes collaborate.

Songweb: How does your latest project differ from previous works you’ve created?

Joachim Zoepf: Previously, I had only created either electroacoustic or instrumental music. The combination of both was new.

Songweb: Lastly, what are your plans for your artistic journey and where do you hope to take your work in the future?

Joachim Zoepf: At the moment I am a member of a project that interactively links different art forms ( The exciting thing about this project is that we don’t have a fixed program, but plan each performance with a different focus and align it with the specific venues. In this way, something new is created each time.

Listen to the “Geschmacksarbeit” album by Joachim Zoepf on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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