Hello all, it’s our third season with the modern rock band Jane N’ The Jungle from Phoenix, AZ, and today they offer us another thumping blockbuster like they always do. Made up of vocalist Jordan White, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Big B, they have an iconic trademark rock style of music that they have always remained committed to, with their tracks, and their newest single “Raw As A Jewel.” This song, along with a music video, was published on November 18th and is something you should listen to if you’re hunting for good music. Let’s get straight to it.

Starting with hypnotic electric guitar chords that prepare the way for the pounding percussion to take over and offer the rock touch to the track, Jordan White’s expressive vocals significantly polish the song’s beauty. This makes “Raw As A Jewel,” an undeniably well-crafted piece with the ideal combination of rich elements that would appeal to any rock fan. The instrumental is juicy, consisting of guitar bass, and punchy percussion, as well as varied and harmonious vocals with synthesizers, booming and whirling into each other. They collude to keep everything crisp and coherent.

“Raw As A Jewel” is a song about giving in to your impulses and bearing it all with impunity, with simple lyrics that make it seem rather pleasant to the ears. The musical style revolves around love and second chances, challenging listeners to follow their hearts. The song’s message is filled with empathy and the lyrics convey us to a realm of emotion in which we can feel the influence of genuine concern. Their incredible musicianship brings the topic they’re attempting to convey to the forefront astoundingly.

Overall, the song’s composition suits the mood nicely, and the intense pounding drums and distorted guitars let us feel the effects and drive the emotions in the lyrics. The band’s performance was amazing, and the song was delivered with great clarity, allowing us to better understand the lyrics and, as a result, identify with the lyrics on a greater scale. “Raw As A Jewel” is phenomenal and will appeal to fans of meaningful music.

Listen to “Raw As A Jewel” by Jane N’ The Jungle on Spotify or SoundCloud and watch the video with the below link.

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