OhGatsu, an Oak Park-based musician, added his latest project, “FALLING TOWARD THE MOON,” to our playlists on March 31st. With inspirations from The Weeknd, Joji, and Juice Wrld, he packs a lot into this ep.

OhGatsu endeavors diligently to make elevated songs that anybody may appreciate. He mixes his songs with insightful lyricism and thoughtful rhythms that sublimely complement one other. Also, his music can have the ability to penetrate profoundly into the collective consciousness.

“FALLING TOWARD THE MOON,” is a deep dive into the psyche of the artist. OhGatsu balances the songs with a harmonious blend of dark and bright tones. His voice comes in with a powerful impact that takes the listener off a surprise. The lyrics of the songs on the other hand are honest and true to OhGatsu and make the tracks on the EP stand out and feel as current as ever. The songs are emotive and powerful, and they give hip-hop a whole new meaning. The songs have a lot to unpack, and OhGatsu understands how to express his thoughts on this musical trip.

“Made this EP as a diary of my life. just to express the past couple of years. Love, Drugs, Family issues. Just to show that no one in this world is alone in these problems we face,” says OhGatsu.

Overall, the musicality of the Ep is uncomplicated and functional. The goal to convey emotion effectively to the listener has been accomplished admirably by the artist. The mixes are upfront, bright, and energetic, bringing out the atmosphere of the songs even more eloquently.

Listen to “FALLING TOWARD THE MOON” by OhGatsu on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Track List

1. Dior Dreaming
2. Dysfunctional
3. 2Cold
4. Crossfaded & CandyFlipping
5. Note