Nestled in the snow-capped mountains of Victoria, Australia, there dwells a voice that echoes the quiet wisdom and raw beauty of the mountain ranges. Jack Raymond, the self-proclaimed “voice of the mountain,” is more than a singer-songwriter; he’s also a storyteller, weaving themes of life, love, and grief into his style of “Aussie-Americana.” And his most recent release, fittingly named “The Long Story Short,” is a rewarding journey. This seven-track collection is more than simply an EP; it’s a musical scrapbook, with each song capturing a distinct era in Raymond’s life. “From grieving periods to the highest times I’ve had,” he says, and his music represents a variety of emotions.

This 30-minute, 35-second EP opens with “We’ve All Been There,” which features Niq Reefman’s trumpet and Jack Raymond’s guitar, setting the stage for his warm baritone. This is a folksy ballad that speaks to the universality of human experience, and the chorus is a comforting hug. Raymond’s calming and devoted vocals are like a warm hand on your shoulder, providing support and compassion, while the instrumentation serves as an ideal foundation for this shared introspection.

Moving on, we are introduced to “Harriet,” a track that feels like a stroll through Raymond’s journal. The roots/folk influence shows through, guiding us through the highs and lows of love, accompanied by the evocative play of strings and percussion. In this song, Jack Raymond evokes a picture of a captivating woman with lyrics that evoke mystery and longing. The production is richer, with layered guitars and bright harmonica giving depth and complexity. It’s a testament to Raymond’s talent that he can seamlessly transition from contemplative ballads to foot-stomping blues, keeping us fascinated throughout.

As the EP progresses, “All of Me” captivates with soul-stirring melodies and deep lyrics, delving into the specifics of self-discovery and acceptance with fresh clarity. Raymond’s vocals are filled with real passion, backed by beautiful harmonies and haunting instrumentation. It’s difficult not to fall in love with his wonderful vocals combined with the fascinating instrumentation, which creates an altogether different ambiance from the preceding song.

With “Wide Eyes,” the mood brightens. Upbeat acoustic strumming and amusing harmonica notes evoke hope, while Raymond’s vocals dance with young excitement. It serves as a reminder that, despite the difficulties of life, there is always room for joy and amazement. The production is light and airy, wonderfully conveying the song’s comfortable atmosphere. Laurence Maynard’s banjo and mandolin lend a lighthearted element, mirroring the song’s optimistic spirit.

As we continue through the collection, “Make Hay” arrives as a celebration of enjoying the moment at hand. While it injects some bluesy swagger, the powerful rhythm section urges us to tap our feet. Raymond’s vocals are playful yet laced with sorrow, and they take us through a vibrant tune that inspires us to make the most of life as he reflects on the passing nature of time and the value of living in the moment. The song’s transition at exactly 2 minutes and 50 seconds of its play was one of the most impressive features for me. It offered a sweet taste, while the folk-blues fusion kept the intensity up. It’s a call to action, a reminder to enjoy life to its fullest.

Opening with Steve Summers’ percussion and Laurence Maynard’s piano, the introspective mood returns with “Water Water,” a heartfelt song about loss and healing. Raymond’s voice cracks with emotion as he sings of letting go and finding love in nature’s embrace. Later in the song, the piano chords are joined by an acoustic guitar, resulting in a soundscape that perfectly suits the lyrics’ raw vulnerability. It’s a very emotional track that will stick with you long after the final note fades. This song’s excellent sound, along with the cleverly crafted lyrics, makes it quite inviting.

“The Long Story Short” EP concludes with the bluesy stomp “Money Won’t Buy Happiness,” which serves as a gentle reminder of life’s greatest objectives. Raymond’s voice is filled with conviction as he delivers this message of hope and dedication. The production is full-bodied, with a powerful rhythm section and soaring electric guitar riffs that make you feel alive and uplifted. Jack Raymond delivers a perfect performance on this single, which has a hypnotic chorus and fun instrumentals.

Overall, “The Long Story Short” is a moving journey anchored by Jack Raymond’s beautiful vocals and insightful composition. It displays the ability of music to link us to our common humanity, reminding us that even in life’s hardships, there is beauty, hope, and the lasting strength of the human spirit. Raymond’s vocals are a compelling combination of tenderness and roughness that fits the emotional landscapes of the songs well. So grab a warm mug, settle in by the fire, and let Jack Raymond’s music take you on an adventure you will never forget.

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