KayCyy shares a brand new single.

If there’s one artist that certainly has all eyes on him right now, it’s KayCyy. In the past year, he’s gone from a bubbling force that was echoing across pockets of the Internet to landing a placement on Kanye West’s DONDA. Ultimately, his contributions to the Grammy-nominated album transformed him into one of the most sought-after artists and the numerous co-signs he’s earned are a testament to his potential.

On Friday, he came through with a bubbly new bop titled, “Borrow.” On this record, he picks up the pace with a flute-laden record that finds him flexing his status and wealth. It doesn’t necessarily hone into his infectious melodies but it does prove how effortless it is for him to create a banger.

Check the song below.

Notable Lyrics
What happened to all of their gangsters, uh?
Is that what you call out your gangster, uh? (Yeah)
They borrow some sticks but they shoot too far
I told all my niggas, “Get ready for war”