The new release was accompanied by a high-spirited music video.

Good news for Khalid fans – the 24-year-old’s third studio album is due out later this year, and we’ve officially received the first single from the unnamed project, titled “Skyline” – an upbeat, dreamy retro pop tune that was produced by Chrome Sparks.

“‘Skyline’ to me is a recharge and full of summer vibes. I hope it brings my fans joy and gets them through many dark times they may be going through,” the “Another Sad Love Song” hitmaker said of his latest single in a press release.


The three-minute-long song also received a music video, which was directed by Levi Turner and Cody LaPlant and transports viewers “outside to a blissful summer day,” where two worlds of style and aesthetic merge into one with a dance party breaking out as our singer floats through the air in a limited edition GT-R Skyline.

“It’s a Wednesday night and we’re running out of time / Won’t you take my hand, hop into my skyline?” the Georgia native asks on the chorus. Check out the track below, and let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section.