K.C., a prolific hip-hop rapper from Akron, has a lot to show when it comes to skill display since he has established himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. With 13 album releases under his belt, he combines his music with current production methods and infectious beats, making his songs sound new and contemporary, and I adore how he glides in the style of vintage hip-hop. As proof of everything I’m stating it would be delightful if you check out K.C’s “Champion 2,” an eight-track EP he released in December 2019 covering a variety of topics. Now let’s discuss it below.

The opening of the “Champion 2” EP is “Ntro,” a one-minute 44 seconds speech delivered by K.C. confidently in a way that would make listeners eager to hear what the full EP entails. The following track, “I Am(New Mix),” showcases K.C.’s deft wordplay and clever lyrics. He keeps the production on this track simple and lets the music speak for itself with a cool groove that complements his vocals and delivery.

The third track, “A Problem,” is a standout on this EP. K.C. delivers his lines with passion over compelling and hard-hitting music with an appealing atmosphere and catchy melody. The fourth track, “The Blue Race” has a more contemplative tone with K.C. delivering his speech fluently while looking into topics of identity and race.

The EP’s fifth track, “Blind,” is another standout. The lyrics are deep and contemplative, reflecting K.C.’s life experiences. He does well with his smooth flows and does an excellent job of tailoring his vocals to the hypnotic beats. This is maybe my favorite track on the EP. It has an immersive feel about it. K.C. adopts a more pompous and confident attitude on the sixth track, “Damn I’m Great,” showcasing his lyrical prowess and flow as he flexes his skill as a rapper. The instrumentation on this tune is fantastic, making it a delightful music to become addicted to.

K.C. delivers a fluid flow over an enthralling groove on the 7th track, “Wanna Be a G,” and it’s fantastic. His flow is flawless, and he does so with conviction and style, while the playful lyrics engulf us in its groove. The EP ultimately finishes with “Outro,” an introspective tune that takes the EP full circle with K.C. expressing thankfulness and desire to continue his career as a hip-hop artist while talking about his achievements.

Overall, K.C.’s “Champion 2” demonstrates his flexibility as an artist with a blend of pensive compositions, hard-hitting bangers, and lighthearted melodies. The productions on this EP are excellent, and I thoroughly loved them along with K.C.’s outstanding talents. It was worth listening to, and I’m sure hip-hop aficionados have added a new artist to their list of the world’s top hip-hop rappers.

Listen to the “Champion 2” EP by K.C. on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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