Thursday , June 8 2023

Los Sindes Drops “Playa C”, The First Single Off Their Upcoming Ep

Los Sindes, a Sacramento-based band comprised of an immigrant Latin trio with profound roots in South American and Spanish rock, is made up of Sito, the lead vocalist, and guitarist from Peru. Manu, an El Salvadoran drummer and vocalist, and Rodri, a Nicaraguan and Puerto Rican bassist and singer. After working on various projects and events together for a few years, the band records their debut EP in June 2022 and releases their first song “Playa C” on August 31st, 2022. Los Sindes bring their enthusiasm and musical brilliance to this incarnation with incredible vocals, lyrics, and stunning performances.

“Playa C” opens with a nostalgic-sounding throbbing bassline entrance, followed by guitar chords and the singer’s heartfelt singing. The chordal accompaniment behind the guitars and strong percussion give the track an emotional vibe, and Zito’s vocals can transmit some happy feelings. The song is packed with excitement and melody that makes us feel amazing. It has a captivating groove and is nicely balanced, serving the song and its musical story with catchy core riffs and rhythms that draw us in.

According to the band’s description, “Playa C” is a love letter not only to immigrants in the United States and those back home but to everybody who appreciates the nostalgic twang of a chorus pedal. Los Sindes has created a sweet homage that any admirer would be proud to sing to their cherished.

“Playa C” is a harmonic arrangement of Latin rock deliciousness that taps into the emotion of being abroad and at home. The guitar and percussion arrangement, with hints of hi-hats and vocals, lends an appealing atmosphere to the song. Listening to “Playa C” at any time of day would have the listener singing along with positive sensations immediately and might be a favorite for those who have no restrictions such as language in entertainment.

Listen to “Playa C” by Los Sindes on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!


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