Patrick Phelan, also known as Luego in the music industry, is a United States, Austin-based artist with several hauntingly beautiful songs that outline his brilliant musicality and make his audience feel personal with his songs. His songs are worth dying for. On October 25th, he released “The Vortex,” the title track of his 8-track album, also his 6th studio album, which was officially released on October 28th. “The Vortex,” along with the music video, is Luego’s finest artistic achievement in his 20-year songwriting career.

“The Vortex” begins ethereally with Luego’s mesmerizing vocals, which immediately hobbles us into his world of feelings while harmonizing the music in establishing the song’s mood and levitating through the beautiful acoustic guitar strains. His voice is so firm and perfected. Also, the pleasant and clean synthesizers sprinkled across the song lend a lovely layer to it and that’s lovely.

In terms of the song’s specifics, it accurately captures the sensation of understanding one’s value after letting something go. And so, the lyrics empower us with the skills we need to remain upright and sensitive to our limitless potential. “The Vortex” is a difficult road to restoration, but the lyrics will motivate you to stay strong. I can confidently tell the song and lyrics are thoughtfully and honestly crafted gems to help us remain anchored in ourselves.

Overall, Luego does an amazing job of conveying the song adequately, keeping it engaging and original. The mood is unique, and it made me feel emotional and introspective even as I was writing my thoughts on it. With this, I can promise that anyone who hears “The Vortex” by Luego will be left with a profound impact. It’s the ideal combination of catchy tunes, poignant lyrics, and stunning vocals, all delivered with exceptional performance over top-notch production.

Listen to “The Vortex” by Luego on Spotify or SoundCloud and watch the video with the link above and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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