Mark Winters is a Sugar Land, Texas-based American artist. Mark is a unique singer, composer, guitarist, poet, and global traveler. He writes about the positive people, places, and things he encounters along the way. Mark’s unique style is infused with energetic, soul-connecting guitar riffs and memorable lyrics that interpret life, elevate, encourage, and inspire. Mark’s latest release, “It Moves In You,” is a captivating tune. The single, which has an accompanying video, was released on June 22nd this year and is the fifth song of his “Boundary Layer” album.

There is a good blend of well-crafted harmonies with sophisticated vocal layering through a lovely, peaceful, amazing musical performance on “It Moves In You” that gives a wide space for Mark’s original voice to develop his lyrics in stunning melodies. I’m reminded of John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz by the style and modern rock compositions. Mark Winter’s innovative technique adds a new spin to timeless subjects.

Mark has combined the finest of both worlds in one piece. His music incorporates elements of folk and Americana music, resulting in this liquid lyricism that curdles with a period. It’s extremely captivating to pay heed to. This song is full of passion and heart, and it might be Mark’s introduction as an artist to the rest of the world, given the excellent work he’s done.

“It Moves In You” appears tranquil on the surface, yet the song contains a gradual rhythm development that keeps the music moving at a constant tempo. The chorus melody blends with the melodies and percussions to create a sound that will linger in the listeners’ heads for days. Mark’s trademark approach as a poet and vocalist shines through in this song, with his lovely lyrics layered over the soothing accompaniment.

Listen to Mark Winters’ “It Moves In You” on Spotify and view the video at the link above, then let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
lucid and dreamy
rhythm and needy
Its Passion, hungry and ready
Its Passion, that moves in you