Matthew Rossi is a 22-year-old artist located in Toronto. Matthew has captivated me with his stunning production and mesmerizing voice. He has a vibrant catalog of over 20 songs, including two EPs, “Moving On” in 2017 and In “My Head” in 2019, both of which were a delight for pop aficionados. Matthew is influenced by pop artists such as Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, and Lana Del Rey. Matthew sings with a powerful voice and honest writing, and his new track “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night,” which was published on July 15th, 2022, is on the brink of creating headlines.

Matthew Rossi’s “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is a combination of dance-pop, synthwave, and cinematic pop. This song, written by Matthew Rossi and produced by Justin Amundrud of Nashville, is an introduction to the cinematic universe Rossi is building with his music.

According to Matthew, the inspiration for this song came from his loneliness, as he spent much of his high school and college years attending parties and getting dressed up in anticipation of meeting that one person he solely cared about seeing. In his mind, the party would always finish with him meeting that person, but it didn’t. Every party was a letdown, a blow to his confidence, yet he still attended every time.

As a result, “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is about holding on to that optimism. It is about finding power and strength in your fragility and loneliness. Everyone has felt lonely, especially in the previous few years. But there is beauty in it. This song is a joyful hymn for all the lovely folks out there who are weary of waiting to dance with someone. They should simply dance.

“Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” is one of the greatest pop songs I’ve heard in a long time. The song needs to be heard throughout the world, and he is ready to take it with his powerful musicianship. The song is both structurally and artistically excellent. Matthew’s vocals perfectly fit the music, conveying deep emotions through his lyrics. The drum kicks will undoubtedly have you thumping your head throughout the song. The melodies are unique and will keep the listener’s attention entirely. The song warms the listener’s heart and found it challenging to erase.

The mood is strong and well-established from the start. Also, the production is concise although efficient, and it achieves the intended result. Each layer and rhythm is quite clear, and it quickly connects with the listener. The development is enjoyable, and the rise and drop are very excellent. The beat is tight, with just the right balance of bounce to cheer us up.

Listen to “Dancing Alone On A Friday Night” by Matthew Rossi on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
Every day, every night, dreaming of a different life
One where I light up the sky and know that I deserve to shine
Now I’m walking up to you
My shaky hands, my face is blue
Now I’m walking home alone
Streetlight is my only home