The Turnersville, New Jersey-based musician from the United States, who has a penchant for composing catchy and important songs such as “Real Future” in 2022, is back with yet another riveting track that his fans will find appealing. Matt’s song, “Can’t Write About Today,” was released on April 14th of this year and serves as a poignant portrayal of the world’s unrest and upheaval, beginning with the epidemic and spreading to other forms of violence and warfare. The lyrics portray a tremendous feeling of loss and despair, capturing Matt’s difficulty in even explaining the events that are unfolding. Continue reading as I go into the specifics, and you will not be unimpressed.

“Can’t Write About Today,” beginning with satisfactory sounds and a transmittable groove that turns into something emotionally dominant and gorgeous, the instrumentation creates an intriguing friendship that exudes life into this song’s landscape with an amazing recipe of Matt DeAngelis’ vocals and a variety of instrumentals that craft a mid-tempo groove. Matt’s DeAngelis vocals are a fantastic fit for this song, and his delivery is extremely captivating and calmly flowing soliciting us to stay engaged throughout. They are complemented by a rich melody that provides the song tremendous depth through warm engineered tones that blend in flawlessly with the production. Matt’s style of delivery is forthright and genuine, conveying the agony, sadness, and need for redemption that pervades the catchy and compelling lyrics. And because of the honesty in his voice, he makes it possible for us to connect with his sentiments of helplessness and frustration, making the song more personal.

Now, returning to the song’s topic and message, the lyrics dive into the collective pain and disillusionment felt by many throughout difficult times. DeAngelis conveys the immense weight of the world’s problems with expertise, recognizing the interconnection of global issues and their influence on individuals’ well-being. As a result, the song’s fundamental topic is the notion that there is hope for the future, asking humanity to band together, overcome differences, and strive for peace. The chorus, “Can’t write about today, can’t think about tomorrow, lost out on yesterday,” brilliantly captures the core of the song, capturing the intoxicating effect that togetherness may bring. The song’s message and impact are enhanced by the aesthetically fascinating music video, which was directed with creative accuracy.

Overall, “Can’t Write About Today” has a broader spectrum of musical components. The songwriting expertly maintains our attention on the story, and DeAngelis provides the song with lively details and perspectives that transport us to a bizarre realm. His performance was profoundly powerful, and he eloquently communicated the lyrics’ candid feelings and fragility. He flawlessly instilled genuine thoughts into every word, adding to the song’s genuineness and making it a truly touching experience for us.

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