Following the monthly release of a single from her first EP, “I’ve Got A Secret,” Melbourne, Australia singer-songwriter Karen Harding has returned with “Letter To My Friend,” marking the entire release of her debut EP. “Letter To My Friend” and the complete EP were published on Friday, October 7th, 2022, and I’m optimistic Karen’s music will become almost iconic in decades as a reward.

Karen blends her voice with sensitivity to conjure sensations of an incredible journey that creates an environment of intimacy and fragility, with the openness and elegance of acoustic guitar, gentle tinkling keys, and her soaring ephemeral vocals. Karen demonstrates her flexibility with a strong voice, soaring moods, and a tight assortment of instruments while her¬†profound musicianship and soothing lyrics immerse the listener in deep sensations through the track’s melodic structure and her vocals turn gentle and irresistible.

“Letter To My Friend” is the most personal and heartfelt single on my whole EP. The song was written at a time when so many people around me were becoming unwell and receiving difficult news. Being during Covid lockdowns, I was unable to be there during these times. This song was my way of processing the emotions that I was feeling and led me to the point where I could see their strength in overcoming these challenges, says Karen Harding.

The entire “I’ve Got A Secret” ep by Karen Harding, including “Letter To My Friend,” is nothing less than enticing, and she will undoubtedly get noticed with it. Her voice blends flawlessly with the emotional guitars, which by themselves have the ability to build a holistic view while the incredible lyrics delve deeply into her emotions. Overall, “Letter To My Friend” is a sweet and encouraging song with compassionate lyrics and melodies that will enliven even the darkest days. The song’s really genuine lyrics, lyricism, and acoustic guitar will undoubtedly console the listener.

Listen to “Letter To My Friend” and the entire ep by Karen Harding on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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