Max Montanari “changes the rules” and returns with a new song in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, written in 2000, on a very topical theme, following the huge success in Latin America of 2020/21. The media’s, religion’s, and powerful’s use of language. He titled this song “Con le Parole” in Italian, “Con las Palabras” in Spanish, “Com Palavras” in Portuguese, and “King of lies” in the English language.

The music has a wonderful feeling to it, with a fanciful ambiance that quickly sets the tone for the song. The beat is the most exciting component of the song and it will surely keep the listener fascinated throughout.  Songwriting is another aspect of the composition that works well with the ambiance. The content accurately represents the equation, which is further established by the musicianship.

The voice production on the track stands out. I enjoy how the guitar complements the song. The bass synth provides just enough power and energy to the composition. The structure is basic, but it has a significant impact on the vibe. The song is about the power of words in our lives as they relate to fake news, political realities, and religious laws.

The utilization of many languages, in my opinion, would be the distinguishing aspect that would inspire listeners to go further into the music. The clarity and tone of the performance ensure that the atmosphere is maintained until the very end. The use of guitar riffs is particularly interesting since they flow in and out effortlessly. The music’s entire tone is team-oriented popular and highly among its numerous aspects and vocalists.

Listen to “Con las Palabras” by Max Montanari and Kaliophes Band on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!