Cooper Castelle, a Seattle-based Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter, wears his emotions on his sleeve with his infectiously catchy music. Cooper’s lyrics are generally about wishing to break free, or barely clinging on, despite his earworm melodies and optimistic compositions, which are influenced by The Kinks and Arctic Monkeys. Cooper Castelle is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the drums, piano, acoustic guitar, and vocals. His music ranges from upbeat/pop to peaceful acoustic compositions. Cooper comes back with another thrilling song “You Were the One,” which was published on June 17th, 2022, after the release of his first hit “Come Undone.”

“This music came from a period of isolation and it evokes emotions, like angst and loneliness, that a lot of people identify with right now. These songs are energetic with catchy hooks and unexpected twists & turns; they were written with a pop mentality, but they feel like rock n’ roll”, says Cooper Castelle.

“You Were The One” begins with a snappy guitar riff over forceful drumming, recalling certain hardcore rock songs from the nineties. It starts with an ultimate level and lively drum rhythm and rapidly turns into one of those tunes that you just have to mosh to. Cooper’s vocals steal the show in the lyrics, as he sings fluently and explores punk music’s undertones.

“You Were The One” keeps the listener interested and yearning for more with its catchy choruses and flawless transitions, as¬†Cooper delivers. Cooper explores a prior connection with a lover in the song, and how he doesn’t know which direction to turn now that they’re departed. He also discusses sadness and the sense of catastrophe that many of us feel when we go through a split. Cooper, befuddled and unsure of what lies ahead, reflects on the early stages of his love journey with a particular someone.

This song has resulted in a production that is as remarkable as it is uplifting, and that feels both timeless and modern. Cooper Castelle is an artist full of potential and worth concentrating on, not reluctant to flaunt his inspiration but never wanders into the depths of mimesis.

Listen to “You Were The One” by Cooper Castelle on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!