Michelle Grimes is a budding pop star from Limerick, Ireland, who infuses her songs with rich narratives to make them come to life. Due to her unique combination of pop and R&B and her emphasis on female emancipation, she is a force to be reckoned with and has been likened to artists like Ariana Grande and Jessie J. Following the release of her single “Never True” on February 3rd, Michelle went ahead and released her 4-track self-titled EP, “Michelle Grimes,” on March 31st with songs filled with themes of self-love and empowerment. The EP lasts a total of 14 minutes with only these four lovely tracks, enveloping us in excellent sound and musicianship. Continue to read as I go more into each song.

The EP opens with the first single, “Princess,” a daring and uplifting song that exhorts listeners, especially women, to embrace their inner royalty. It gets off to an enticing start, and Michelle’s seductive vocals are nothing short of breathtaking as they penetrate through our emotions while conveying a message of self-love and acceptance with a message that young girls and women need to hear. The catchy and lighthearted lyrics serve as a gentle reminder to listeners to aim high. Michelle’s transitions are seamless and have a strong feeling that will quickly grab listeners’ attention while the melody glides flawlessly.

The theme of personal style and identity is explored in the second song, “My Aesthetic,” which is a more reflective offering. The song’s message of embracing your unique “Aesthetic” is well communicated through Michelle’s flirty and frivolous vocals, which are engaging and make the music utterly seductive. She sang well, and I thought that was particularly crucial in maintaining the song’s passion and fire. The song’s groove pattern is also its heart; it successfully evoked excitement while maintaining our attention on the melody, the clarity of the lyrics, and their proper balance and spacing.

Michelle’s vocals in “Find a Way,” the third song on the EP, convey a feeling of fragility and desire, making it maybe the most emotional track. It’s a lovely song about enduring relationships’ ups and downs and finding a way to make it work. The writing is quite accurate as well as very truthful and straightforward. But for me, as I listened, her performance, which was exceptionally strong throughout and contributed to the track’s intensity and lightened up the mood with more passion, is the song’s crowning glory although the chorus is hauntingly beautiful and will leave you wanting more.

I would characterize the last song, “Wash Over Me,” as the ideal conclusion to any project. Warm piano chords, soulful strings, and Michelle’s irresistible voice open the song. And from the song’s 38th second on, things start to get more exciting as the tempo picks up and the music becomes more danceable. The theme of letting go and allowing oneself to be vulnerable is expressed in the beautiful and thoughtful lyrics. I enjoyed the drums and bass in this song; I think they stand out since they drift beautifully throughout the song.

Overall, the “Michelle Grimes” EP is a success for the talented young Irish pop musician. She has produced a work that will forever be stunning because of her captivating writings, contagious melodies, lovely voice, and powerful messages, thanks to each song’s concept. Regarding the productions, they are flawless and sure to leave the listener with an earworm. Michelle will undoubtedly be one of the greatest; she has all it takes to get there. Her performances are electrifying as well and speak so well of who she will be shortly.

Listen to the “Michelle Grimes” EP by Michelle Grimes on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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