As the Christmas season approaches, Mick J. Clark, the brilliant Croydon-based singer/songwriter from the Thoroughbred Record Label, gifts us a timeless treasure with his 2012 release, “It’s Getting Near Christmas.” Having featured Mick’s remarkable musical journey on our blog, it’s a pleasure to delve into this festive composition that effortlessly captures the spirit of the season.

The song begins with a joyful remark, “It’s getting near Christmas, it’s getting near Christmas,” which sets the tone for a festive anthem. This repetition not only adds to the joyful ambiance but also provides a sense of urgency, reflecting the rush and bustle of the Christmas season. The vivid imagery of Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, and the expectation of Santa Claus packing his sleigh immerses us in the romance of the season. While Mick J. Clark’s voice evokes the warmth and familiarity that accompany the holiday season, his delivery is filled with excitement and passion, effortlessly capturing the essence of the season. Mick J. Clark and the backup vocalist work brilliantly together in the song to produce a joyful ambiance and a catchy chorus that will stick in our minds long after the song finishes. Mick J. Clark is a dynamic performer who understands how to captivate an audience. His passion is captivating and draws us in, making us feel like we’re a part of the show. The song is peppy and danceable, and Clark has a natural stage presence that makes the song noteworthy.

Lyrically, “It’s Getting Near Christmas” captures the holiday atmosphere with a delightful blend of joyous anticipation and heartfelt romance. The mention of familiar Christmas elements such as snowfall and Mr. Snowman provides a nostalgic touch. Also, the song elegantly changes its attention to the warmth of love during the holiday season, picturing intimate moments such as kissing beneath the mistletoe and cuddling by the fireside. Clark deftly constructs a story that reflects the universal feelings of unity and happiness at this lovely time of year. Lines like “carols singing, bells ringing, now it’s almost here, the most magical wonderful time of the year” captures the excitement and enchantment of the holiday season, and the repetition of “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” adds a playful cadence, making the song catchy and memorable. Mick J. Clark’s “It’s Getting Near Christmas” is a timeless addition to the Christmas music canon that deserves to be remembered year after year.

Another highlight of Mick J. Clark’s “It’s Getting Near Christmas” is the production quality. The track is well-crafted and demonstrates an impressive grasp of how to blend multiple elements to achieve a professional sound. The instrumentation reflects the holiday spirit, with a dynamic arrangement matching the beauty of the activity mentioned in the lyrics. The inclusion of Christmas elements such as bells and jingles provides a certain amount of festive charm. The production is one of a kind, and it distinguishes the song from other Christmas songs, leading me to conclude that the sound creation is a testimonial to Clark’s abilities as a singer/songwriter to bring his vision to life.

Overall, Mick J. Clark is a superb musician who has created a unique and attractive sound. His performance is outstanding, and the music is flawlessly produced. It’s a melodic celebration, not just a Christmas tune. The contagious energy of the song, along with its lyrical complexity, makes it an immediate favorite that will endure. With this gem, Mick J. Clark encourages us all to join in the celebration of love, joy, and togetherness as we approach the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the perfect Christmas song for anyone looking for something different than the standard!

Listen to “It’s Getting Near Christmas” by Mick J. Clark on Spotify or SoundCloud, and let us know your thoughts.

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