Introducing the ethereal genius hailing from the vibrant streets of Osaka, Japan, the enigmatic Sounds M, led by the visionary composer Mayumi Masuya, is a sonic architect whose creation, “Still Echoes,” transcends the ordinary boundaries of musical expression. Born in the culturally rich city of Kobe and seasoned by a memorable period in Australia, Sounds M weaves a tapestry of sound that resonates with the power of silence and the richness of solitude. In her single, “Still Echoes,” Sounds M invites us on an intimate and introspective journey, unveiling an enigmatic masterpiece that captivates the soul. Released on October 6th, this haunting composition features an intricate interplay of three pianos, including a meticulously prepared piano, casting a spell of atmospheric and mysterious soundscape. We interviewed Sounds M from the other side of the world to dig deep into “Still Echoes.” Enjoy the conversation below.

SONGWEB: Your composition, “Still Echoes,” embraces the power of silence and solitude. Can you share the inspiration behind choosing this contemplative approach and how it influenced the overall atmosphere of the piece?

SOUNDS M: I aimed to convey the essence of isolation through a minimalist composition. The inspiration stemmed from the experience of being amidst the bustling yet disconnected nature of a vibrant city. Despite its glittering facade, there exists an inherent sense of detachment where genuine connections seem elusive. The song mirrors this sentiment, portraying a contrast between the outward brightness and an underlying sense of disparity

SONGWEB: The composition features an intricate interplay of three pianos, including a meticulously prepared piano. How did you approach the arrangement and preparation of the pianos to create such a unique soundscape, and what do you believe each piano adds to the composition?

SOUNDS M: In today’s music landscape, obtaining diverse soundscapes is made easier with DAW technology. The piano, a staple in numerous compositions, has evolved with varied approaches and unconventional methods diverging from traditional playing techniques. My aim was to utilize echoes extensively and purposefully while ensuring they enriched the piece without overwhelming it. Regarding piano placement, my approach was guided by intuition.

SONGWEB: In your reflection on the composition, you mentioned considering whether the piece was “too simple.” Can you delve deeper into your decision to release “Still Echoes” in its pure form, and how do you think preserving this simplicity contributes to the emotional authenticity of the piece?

SOUNDS M: Contemplating whether the piece was ‘too simple’ was a recurring consideration during its creation. Ultimately, ‘Still Echoes’ stands as one of my most straightforward compositions. There was a moment of hesitation regarding its release, questioning if it needed further embellishment. However, upon reflection, I realized the piece had achieved a delicate balance, and any addition might disrupt its innate atmosphere and emotional essence. Choosing to preserve its purity felt essential, as it captured a specific emotional depth that I aimed to convey. This piece marks a deliberate step towards embracing a minimalist approach, intending to evoke profound emotions through simplicity.

SONGWEB: The music draws listeners into a contemplative realm where time and space converge. Can you describe the mental and emotional landscape you aimed to create with “Still Echoes” and how you believe it resonates with audiences seeking moments of introspection in today’s busy world?

SOUNDS M: Human connections often bring both familiarity and estrangement. We unknowingly navigate others’ emotions, occasionally deceiving or being deceived, prompting introspection and concern. In bustling spaces, paradoxically, as gatherings increase, so does the individual’s sense of isolation amid the quest for connection.
Lately, my reflections have centered around the enigma of isolation and its perceived fears. While I’m yet to uncover a definitive answer, I’ve contemplated the significance of mutual respect amid disagreements or misunderstandings. I believe that fostering respect could avert numerous conflicts. Should this ideal falter, perhaps isolation isn’t inherently negative.

‘Still Echoes’ encapsulates this emotional and mental landscape, inviting listeners into moments of contemplation. It aims to resonate with those navigating the complexities of connection and solitude in today’s fast-paced world, offering a space for reflection amidst the tumult of everyday life.

SONGWEB: “Still Echoes” is described as transporting the soul to realms beyond the tangible. How do you envision listeners experiencing and connecting with these intangible realms, and what emotions or thoughts do you hope the composition evokes in your audience?

SOUNDS M: Discussing a myriad in such a concise piece feels somewhat modest, yet I’m drawn to the enigmatic and the untold. There’s a beauty in the mystery, in allowing the mind to wander freely and appreciate the beauty in things without the constraints of logic or defined concepts, even when they’re beyond comprehension.

I envision ‘Still Echoes’ as an invitation for listeners, offering a respite from the hectic pace of our world. It beckons individuals to explore intangible realms, connecting with emotions and thoughts that transcend the tangible. Ultimately, I hope this brief composition serves as a quiet sanctuary, allowing listeners a moment of escape and contemplation amid their bustling lives.

Overall, “Still Echoes” is a deliberate and unhurried journey, with each chord and melody delicately woven together to form a contemplative tapestry where time and space converge. The music resonates with a captivating allure, inviting us to lose ourselves in its subtle complexities. It’s not merely background music; it’s a sonic experience that transcends boundaries, captivating global audiences with its evocative power. Sounds M, through “Still Echoes,” has crafted an enigmatic masterpiece that lingers in the mind, leaving an indelible imprint on the soul. Mayumi Masuya’s ability to harness the power of silence and solitude showcases a profound understanding of the interplay between sound and visuals, creating a harmonious synergy that is both captivating and transformative. It’s not just a song; it’s a journey—one that invites us to explore the depths of our contemplative realm.

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