Close your eyes and glide away with “More Than This,” the new song from One Iota, a York-based band consisting of Adam Dawson on vocals, keyboards, and guitars, Andrew Bowen on vocals and lead guitar, James Brown on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and Phil Everard on vocals and drums. Released on March 1, this lovely track has everything we desire in a pop-rock anthem: gentle vocals that caress the ears, guitar, and piano creating a warm tapestry, and a light electronic guitar flair that lends a hint of modern magic. Read on for my lovely thoughts on this piece of art.

“More Than This” opens like a whispered secret, with emotive piano melodies that weave a hypnotic spell. It’s Adam Dawson at the helm here, his fingers dancing across the keys, drawing you into the song’s heart. Then, the magic truly begins. the vocals swoop in, smooth and soulful, perfectly complemented by James Brown’s harmonies. It’s a classic rock dream team; the voice is distinct yet blends seamlessly, creating a sound that’s rich and utterly captivating.

But One Iota isn’t content with just a pretty melody. Around the 1:30 mark, the song kicks into a whole new gear. Phil Everard’s drumming injects a shot of energy, perfectly complementing Andrew Bowen’s soaring guitar solo that just begs for us to raise the volume. The entire band explodes with a synergy that’s impossible to ignore. I could feel the genuine passion radiating from each member as they poured their hearts into the music. It’s a testament to the strong bond they share, a bond that translates into pure listening pleasure for us.

The beauty of “More Than This” lies not just in these, but in the way these four musicians come together. Their chemistry is undeniable, a testament to their shared journey. You can practically hear the joy they take in creating music together, a joy that spills over into every note. This song isn’t just about catchy hooks and impressive solos (though it delivers on both fronts). It’s about yearning, about reaching for something more in life. The lyrics speak of a restless spirit, a desire to break free from the ordinary. It’s a sentiment we can all relate to—that feeling of there being something “More Than This” out there waiting for us. The song has a vibe that’s impossible not to get wrapped up in. By the final chorus, I was singing and dancing along without hesitation. It was more of hearing a good song for the first and final time.

One Iota, with “More Than This,” have reminded me why I love being a music reviewer. It’s not just about dissecting songs; it’s about discovering gems like this. It’s about connecting with artists who pour their hearts and souls into their music and sharing that passion with the world. So, I urge each one of you to hit play and let the song wash over you. You might just discover your new favorite band and a song that becomes your anthem, but you might never hear a song ‘more than this’ anywhere. Do yourself this favor!

Listen to “More Than This” by One Iota on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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