Avaraj, an Atlanta-based musician, is a treasure I’ve only recently found through her incredible music. Delivering relatable lyrics on smooth instrumentals with this song, Avaraj released “Silhouette” on the 2nd of September, an almost 4 minutes song that will definitely take her to higher heights in the music industry.

“Silhouette” starts off with lovely harmonies and a light accompaniment, and when Avaraj’s silky and gorgeous vocals finally take over, the ambient instrumental adds an incredible texture while her vocals are filled with so much emotion that the lyrics pierce deep. And as the song progresses, it becomes evident that this work is strong on warmth, with a cheerful pace that matches the bright anticipation of the instrumental. Delightful synthesizers and melodies develop throughout the song, followed by a perceptible crescendo from mellow to strong until merging into an engrossing and captivating sound.

“Silhouette” is an anthem for the most reserved introverts. I’ve never been one to share my problems with others, so that’s what this song addresses. It talks about feeling empty (like a silhouette) at times because you’ve been beaten down by life, but you smile so no one sees what’s really going on. It’s a song about trying to be perfect for the outside world, even if it leaves you feeling like an empty shell, says Avaraj.

With this song, Avaraj tries to reach out to us through her lyrics by telling us a compelling story. She has a soft pop comforting aspect that fits well with her charming and distinctive vocals and production, and her vocal delivery does a good job of conveying emotions and blending with the complete range of instrumentation.

Overall, “Silhouette” is incredibly compelling, and the tones are genuinely great, making us fall in love with the song as we listen to it again and over with ear-appealing vocals. The lyrics are straightforward and honest and encourage the listener to be the master of their own life. Along with its beauty, there’s a lovely music video for “Silhouette” that fits the song well.

Listen to “Silhouette” by Avaraj on Spotify and watch the video with the link below and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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