nasmore, a Canadian songwriter and producer, has made a comeback to the music scene with his eagerly awaited track “When It Feels So Fake.” Drawing inspiration from rock powerhouses like Imagine Dragons and Nickelback, nasmore has crafted a track that delves deep into the modern-day struggle between appearance and authenticity. This song, which became available on September 9th, is a thought-provoking exploration of the gloss that frequently masks our genuine feelings and intentions. Let’s go into the depths of this song below.

The opening lines, “You never like to fight, Cause you’re afraid I’ll break, But, baby, back in Eden, I’m pretty sure I was the snake,” established the tone for the entire song, welcoming the topic of introspection and grappling with inner conflicts right away. The figurative allusion to Eden and the snake relates to a struggle with identity and a yearning to break free from societal restraints. The lyrics are heartfelt, and Gabriel and Waz’s vocal delivery is so fascinating and engaging that I found myself transfixed by the lyrics, which were also given the proper significance in the composition. Also, I’d want to praise nasmore since the song is well-written, with a lot of thought put into how the words sound phonetically. The vocals are compelling, and the emotions are so pure and real. They are felt in every word they sing. This entire effect is infectious, and this is a tune that anyone will listen to regularly.

The lyrics of “When It Feels So Fake” are the selling point of the song. They’re expressive and emotionally intense, with a dramatic contrast between vulnerability and strength. The line, “My mind is, always feels like exploded, but I won’t let them make it corroded,” illustrates the struggle to preserve authenticity in an environment that frequently encourages us to comply. It’s a universal sentiment that many of us will resonate with as we listen. “It Feels So Fake” addresses the topic of authenticity versus façade in a variety of ways, opining on the masks we wear in society. Lines such as “There’s no point in being background noise, and it’s okay if people don’t feel like toys” underscore the necessity of being genuine to oneself, even if it means sticking out or being unusual. Therefore, this is a song about self-awareness and a quest for authenticity in a society that frequently feels contrived.

Musically, “When It Feels So Fake” is a powerful combination of rock and pop with a distinct sound that distinguishes Nasmore. Neil Taylor’s guitar work is especially impressive, providing richness and passion to the song. Gabriel and Waz’s vocal harmonies endorse the song nicely, adding to the emotional resonance of the track. On the other hand, the beat of the drums is flawless, creating a sound atmosphere that is both strong and emotionally charged. The composition is excellent, with an effective chorus that clings to you. The contrast between softer verses and a more anthemic chorus echoes the song’s topic, highlighting the difference between vulnerability and strength.

Finally, Nasmore’s “When It Feels So Fake” is a captivating musical journey that navigates the complications of authenticity and societal expectations. The raw passion in the lyrics, combined with the potent instrumentals, provides the listener with an immersive experience. I would strongly suggest this song to anybody looking for music that speaks to the difficulties of discovering one’s genuine self in a world that is frequently disguised in deception, as nasmore’s genuineness and musical talent elevate this work to the forefront of the modern rock and pop landscape.

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