Following our review of their song “Foolish Games,” the retro-inspired indie/alt-rock band Atomic Bronco from Austin, Texas, headed by Kyle Nuss, has released their new and first single of 2023, “Fly Away,” with deep compelling synthetic sounds, a display of their exciting sounds. “Fly Away” was put out on February 24th, and it’s a somber and pensive song that will surely make an impact on listeners. Let’s speak about this total gem.

It is obvious we would be immersed in the tune as it began with warm and soothing acoustic guitar chords that set the scene for Atomic Bronco’s impassioned show of vocal performance. His vocals are a key component, driving the song with his natural and vigorous delivery, while the guitar work coupled with the drumbeat adds an aura of vibrancy and surprise to the track, incorporating a distinct flair to the harmony while also providing the perfect backdrop for the song’s emotional lyrics allowing listeners to readily relate to feelings of uncertainty and fragility. That’s truly impressive.

The song’s central subject of love is not the typical, creepy-sweet kind found in most rock tracks. Rather, “Fly Away” explores the darker, more nuanced facets of love, such as the agonizing feeling of aching for someone who may or may not return your emotions or the dread of losing someone you care about. Atomic Bronco’s singing is understated but effective, communicating the depth of emotion behind the lyrics without becoming overly theatrical or maudlin.

When questioned about the track’s production quality, I’d say it’s similarly remarkable, due to the hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs that establish the tone for the entire track. The percussion, too, is understated but essential for the song’s depth, while the basslines provide a firm base. The music is ideally balanced, resulting in a pensive and captivating atmosphere.

Overall, “Fly Away” is a potent tune that will speak to anyone who has gone through the ups and downs of love. It demonstrates Atomic Bronco’s ability to stretch the limits of what we anticipate from indie/alt-rock, displaying flexibility and inventiveness while remaining delightful to listen to. The production, vocals, and lyrics all blend to create an incredibly gorgeous tune that is bound to leave an impression on listeners. Atomic Bronco has outdone himself with this song, which is no surprise given that it is his favorite.

Listen to “Fly Away” by Atomic Bronco on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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