Nicki Minaj has lent her slick bars to a new version of Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana.” The rappers have been showing each other a lot of love recently, with Nicki even liking tweets about potentially signing Ice Spice to her label. That’s still just a rumor at this point, but one thing is sure: the two of them on a track together go hard. Ice Spice is still fairly new to music, but with a Nicki feature now under her belt, she’s cementing her spot in the scene.

The “Princess Diana” remix is not very different than the original song. Besides Nicki’s verse, not much has changed. Still, the beat was already fire, so there weren’t many changes necessary. The addition of Nicki’s verse breaks up the track in a necessary way, though. Before, it did get a little monotonous. Now, it has just enough differentiation between the two parts to keep it interesting all the way through. The self-proclaimed queen of rap was exactly what the track needed to be a summer banger.

The track opens with Nicki telling New York to “stand the f*ck up.” Both rappers are local to the city. Nicki hails from Jamaica, Queens, and Ice Spice comes from the Bronx. The two definitely did New York proud on this track. For the first half of her verse, Nicki’s flow is as aggressive as it gets. “I be eatin’ my spinach / They tried to clone my image,” Nicki raps. “They burned they London Bridges / None of them bi*ches British / I know they know the difference.”

When the second half of Nicki’s verse comes in, she begins to emulate Ice Spice’s flow. “Nowadays I be makin’ them famous / She the princess so f*ck who you lames is,” she raps, complimenting Ice Spice. She also had some choice words for people who say that she has beef with too many people: “Of course I be pushin’ they buttons / I hold the control like the gamers.” Surprisingly, Ice Spice doesn’t come back in at all after Nicki’s verse starts. I guess she knew it was under control. What do you think of the Nicki feature? Sound off in the comments!

Notable Lyrics:

I be eatin’ my spinach
They tried to clone image
They burned they London Bridges
None of them b*tches British
I know they know the difference