Obije, a Nigerian musician, composer, and vocalist located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently published a new song titled “Around The World” which belongs to the Afrobeat genre. His soul writing is deeply enthusiastic and vibrant, and it would undoubtedly pique the audience’s heed. “Around The World” was published on all digital streaming platforms on May 1st, this year.

In the song, “Obije” has a relatable way of expressing his sentiments and emotions. The song’s structure is gorgeous, but the composition has significance too though, and lends to the thrill of finding the song beguiling for a first hearing. Obije describes the song as a love ballad about when someone falls completely in love with you.

“Around The World” is a unique musical composition with an enticing ambiance that makes the writing extremely fluid and entertaining. The song’s production components are also quite appealing and give the song a gentle bounce, motivating the listener to interact along. The song’s vibe is also quite friendly, and the underlying melodies are pleasurable, with no places that seem unsettled. The song advances easily and naturally as it winds down, adding to the whole experience.

Obije’s breakout triumph with “Around The World,” an immutable cheerful single with a fast beat and good-time vibes, is simple to see. Obije will most likely increase his popularity and gain a big profile over the next years with more successes like this.

Listen to “Around The World” by Obije on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!