Oddsmokee sprouts as a versatile talent from the heart of the United States, New York, blending a raw and deeply intimate story into his music that resonates with his listeners. He has put his all into his work over the last four years, using it as an outlet to escape the confines of mental health difficulties and addiction. Oddsmokee’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Oddy,” which was released on August 22, is an emotional rollercoaster that looks into his struggles with substance abuse. Each of the album’s eight tracks unravels a piece of his story, channeling the influence of hip-hop luminaries such as Post Malone, Mac Miller, Eminem, and others.

11:15,” the album’s opening track, is a clear depiction of a typical night driven by cocaine and music writing. It’s a raw and emotional song about Oddsmokee’s personal problems and inner demons. The lines, “11:15, gone off the yay’ again, I don’t know where to begin,” swiftly set the tone for a journey into the intricacy of addiction and anxiety. Oddsmokee’s vocals have a haunting and fascinating tone that draws us into his mental anguish. His delivery is both confrontational and unapologetic, as he navigates the chaotic seas of substance abuse, self-doubt, and the search for purpose. With lines like, “I can’t breathe, I just checked my rhythm it’s about 210. Is this it? I don’t know ’cause we really never know when” give an acute sense of his fight with his inner demons.

A && C” delves into an introspective narrative, where Oddsmokee candidly tackles the highs and lows of a turbulent existence fueled by Adderall and cocaine. His emotionally driven vocals and delivery exude genuine honesty from the start, drawing you into his world and making you feel the weight of his hardships. The lines, “I just been living, off of Adderall and cocaine, sometimes girl, I feel so lame,” set the tone for a somber and profound journey into his inner conflicts. Oddsmokee’s fragility and streetwise resilience permeate the track as he faces his demons and wrestles with existential questions regarding his choices. The lyrics firmly reflect the upheaval in his life bouncing between the temptation of the fast lane and the need for something more meaningful.

Dommy Ps” exudes a compelling blend of swagger, excess, and storytelling from the first lines. Oddsmokee’s vocal delivery is brimmed with charm and indifferent confidence as he revels in the excesses of a lavish lifestyle fueled by Dom Perignon and wild nights. With references to smoking reefer, Cheech and Chong, and the relentless pursuit of pleasure, the lyrics set the tone for an extravagant journey. The rap section offers an increase in pace and lyrical depth, providing a look into a life filled with fine wine and the audacity to challenge the system, all recounted in a smooth, rhythmic flow.

T.H.A.T.S. That Shitt” commences with a mesmerizing beat and a raw and assertive statement, ‘I killed that boy he in a ditch, This is the last time you’ll hear me say that shit,’ setting a strong and unapologetic tone for the track. Oddsmokee’s delivery is chilling and full of real emotion, reflecting a blend of bravado and sensitivity in his storytelling. His vocals have a strong, smooth quality that compliments the upstart narrative. His genuineness shows through as he passionately professes his love for his significant other and underlines her unshakable faithfulness. The repeating of ‘I love my chick, I love my chick, She number one no she won’t switch’ showcases his devotion and underscores the central theme of the song, which is love and loyalty. Oddsmokee’s laid-back swagger and confidently slowed-down tempo contribute to the track’s unique style, allowing us to immerse ourselves in his world.

“Breaking && Enteringg” captivates you with its intense, raw energy, and lyrical depth, delving into themes of inner demons, personal growth, and standing out from the crowd. Oddsmokee’s vocals are emotional, and his delivery is strong and magnetic. He effortlessly switches between flows, executing his verses with panache. The lyrics are stimulating, with lines like “broke through the silence, to master my demons” and “I’m a black sheep, lately I’m feeling more and more like Peep” reflecting his contemplative personality. This track blends rap and hip-hop elements with a futuristic and spacey atmosphere that sets it apart. While it’s a powerful and introspective piece of music that highlights Oddsmokee’s distinct style and lyrical prowess, the hypnotic beats intensify the haunting atmosphere of the track.

Same Damn Holee” gives us an uncensored look inside Oddsmokee’s world, as he struggles with a cycle of self-destructive actions and addiction. His vocals have a unique blend of captivating and tenderness, and he delivers his lines with a remarkable passion that draws us into his story. The lyrics are brutally honest, diving into topics like as addiction, emotional pain, and the battle to break away from bad habits. The use of language gives the song a proud edge, underscoring Oddsmokee’s desperation and despair as he navigates a difficult existence. His delivery is passionate, expressing the weight of his experiences but also displaying his willingness to keep moving forward, despite the slow drop.

Snow Dayy” goes beyond reflection, delivering a forthright and adamant look into Oddsmokee’s struggle with addiction and the illusive desire for inner peace. The lyrics depict a tormented psyche, grappling with the blurred line between reality and a harrowing fable. Oddsmokee’s vocals are striking, with each lyric delivered with a profound tenderness that echoes the anguish of facing one’s demons. His tone, tinged with depression and resignation, conveys a sense of desperation while baring his soul to us. The subtle allure in his delivery adds an authentic and unpretentious quality to the narrative, rooting the emotional upheaval in a relatable human experience. The repeated refrain of “I don’t care what you think, only God can judge me” emphasizes defiance against society’s standards.

Overdosaa” closes the album with a beautiful and introspective plunge into the dark truths of addiction and the fight for salvation. The lyrics express a profound feeling of desperation as Oddsmokee struggles with substance abuse and its negative influence on his life. Oddsmokee’s voice and delivery lend emotional depth to the story, conveying the agony and crisis of addiction. His mesmerizing ability draws the listener into the gloomy environment he paints, where the continuous chant of seeking escape reflects the longing for liberation from the clutches of narcotics and the darkness that surrounds it. The poignant lines such as ‘Lord, take me up, that shit running through my veins’ capture the appeal for salvation and a chance for redemption in the middle of the fight against substance dependency. This song conveys regret and a call for support, providing a powerful image of a wounded soul on the edge of breaking free from the bonds of addiction.

Overall, “The Good, the Bad, and the Oddy” is a perfect example of what an album should be. It’s a refined, emotional journey through Oddsmokee’s battles and successes. His vocals are elegant, and filled with honesty, while the beats are hard-hitting and hypnotic, wrapping listeners in the maelstrom of addiction. This is a must-listen album! Thanks to Oddsmokee’s effort to illuminate the reality of substance abuse and the possibilities of escaping from the darkness into the light of finding oneself and healing. Oddsmokee’s courage in sharing his story through music is an inspiration, reminding us that music can indeed save lives and offer hope in the darkest of times. With this album, he has poured out his heart and soul into his art but has also given a voice to those who have faced or facing similar struggles.

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