Slomen Trickery, a four-piece folk-grunge band, has earned a name for themselves in the music industry with their latest album, “2th,” released on August 4th. With a decade of experience and a highly acclaimed debut album under their belt, the band has developed and matured, bringing to the forefront an enthralling combination of folk and grunge. “2th” descends into a realm of dark and thoughtful ideas, with a melancholy charm that draws you in from the first note. Perttu Koho, the lead guitarist and vocalist, takes center stage as the principal songwriter, and his lyrical talent shows through. The songs are rich in depth and insight, demonstrating Koho’s ability to tell compelling stories. Each tune has its own story, yet the overall tone is one of somber reflection.

The album starts with “Smells Like Wine,” an eerie and atmospheric track setting the tone for what’s to come. Lead guitarist and vocalist Perttu Koho’s haunting vocals draw you in, while the violin takes the lead, creating a sense of melancholic beauty. The lyrics here are shrouded in mystery, invoking a sense of nostalgia and longing. This song’s combination of grunge and folk elements is a striking example of the band’s evolution.

The Long Face” paints a melancholic picture, skillfully using the violin and guitar to create an ethereal soundscape. It narrates a tale of lost hope and acceptance, leaving a bittersweet taste that lingers. The raw emotion in Koho’s vocals, especially in the chorus, adds a poignant touch to this ballad. What intrigues me in this song is the violin and guitar duet. It’s particularly remarkable, creating a delicate balance between melancholy and hope.

Tiny Peek” is an enigmatic track that delves into the complexities of human relationships. The song features an impressive use of the vibraphone, adding an otherworldly quality to the music. The soft-spoken vocals and the instrumental arrangement draw you into an intimate soundscape. It’s a stunning piece of music that will enliven your mood.

With its almost ethereal sound and lyrics that appear to touch on themes of loneliness and reflection, “Snowsailing” takes a darker turn. With their emotive performance, the violin and acoustic guitar once again steal the show. The instrumentation in this track demonstrates Slomen Trickery’s ability to create a haunting and lovely mood. The song contains some amazing melodies and an overall pleasant tone that will have you hooked on the vibe.

Fleamarket Cardinal” distinguishes out due to its distinctive instrumentation, which includes an Ikea salad bowl, which adds a quirky yet suitable feel to the track. The song reflects the band’s experimental nature. I’m not even capping, but it brings a more lively speed while keeping the album’s somber overtones from the first minute and 44 seconds. That struck a chord with me. The combination of energetic instrumentation, such as the xaphoon and bouzouki, with flawless performance is an intriguing choice. As a result, both musically and emotionally, the song keeps you on your toes. It’s my personal favorite on the album.

Green Light” amplifies the folk spirit, allowing the violin to shine as it flows through the tune, echoing the sentiment of seizing opportunities. Koho’s vocals provide a feeling of urgency, heightening the story of taking chances and moving forward. With a lighter, more optimistic tone and a refreshing change of pace, this song provides a wonderful counterpoint to the album’s prevalent sadness, displaying the band’s diversity.

With its amusing melodies and inventive use of an Ikea salad bowl as an instrument, “Spudnik” adds a touch of uniqueness to the album. The lyrics are whimsical, adopting a lighter approach to storytelling while delivering a look into the complexity of life’s path, and the violin-driven melody keeps you captivated. It’s a lighthearted spot in a typically contemplative collection.

With its gorgeous guitar riffs and emotive vocals, “Up or Down” depicts the inner battle of decision-making and repercussions. It’s a melancholy, contemplative composition that highlights Slomen Trickery’s narrative prowess with lyrics that are both thought-provoking and emotional. The violin and guitar merge brilliantly, creating the perfect backdrop for Koho’s vocals, while the arrangement mirrors the theme effectively, giving depth to the narrative. I adore the pace; it reminds me of a gently flowing stream of water.

Traveling Light” gives a sense of completion and acceptance, expertly weaving together all of the elements that form Slomen Trickery’s unique sound. The captivating combination of the vibraphone and violin allows for a thoughtful reflection on the path of life. It’s a journey of self-reflection set to music, and it proves the band’s ability to write significant storylines.

Like a Pond” draws “2th” to a hypnotic close. This tune brings the album’s overall themes of darkness and depth full circle. The guitar and vocals take center stage once more, producing an eerie, otherworldly mood that lingers. Aside from the song’s genius and soulful atmosphere, we must also acknowledge its exceptional production and arrangement, which provide the right flavor to the song.

In conclusion, Slomen Trickery’s “2th” album is a fantastic achievement that demonstrates their progress and diversity as a folk-grunge band. The addition of the violin as a lead instrument has given complexity and beauty to their sound, and it is evident that they have welcomed this shift with open arms. The dark lyrical themes and introspective narrative make “2th” an engrossing and deep experience, while the varied instrumentation keeps the listener interested throughout the journey. Slomen Trickery’s distinct musicianship and ability to elicit a wide spectrum of emotions make “2th” an album worth having in your collection. It’s a haunting, captivating, and contemplative masterwork that underlines the band’s standing as a folk-grunge force to be reckoned with.

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