Earlier this week, Post Malone took to his Instagram to speak with fans, sharing a candid video. In it, he revealed that his upcoming album, titled Austin, is slated for release on July 28. Additionally, the artist informed his fans that his next single, “Mourning,” would be released this week. In the message, the 27-year-old singer and rapper hinted at embarking on a different artistic direction for his forthcoming project. Considering that Post’s previous albums, like Twelve Carat Toothache, have already explored other directions to some extent, it will be intriguing to witness the extent to which he pushes his boundaries.

Upon making the announcement of the new album, Post shared some thoughts on the music and his feelings toward his fans. “Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Posty. I wanted to say that I love you guys so very f*ckin’ much. I’m here on tour in Europe right now,” Post said. “And I wanted to tell you guys that I have an album coming out this summer on July 28th. It’s called Austin, like my name. That is my name. It’s been some of the funniest music, some of the most challenging and rewarding music for me, at least.” Now, fans are getting another look at the album with a second single, “Mourning.”

Post Malone is getting extremely self-reflective on his new track. The production of the song is both dreamy and heavy. There are lots of spacy guitar arpeggios happening while a very distorted 808 blasts on the chorus. “I call my quote-unquote friends, do you got plans / turns out everyone’s free when the dinner is,” Post sings on the track. “Then they drag me to a party out in Malibu / after thirty High Noons, it was pretty cool.”

The track serves as a sad and sobering (haha) reminder that fame and fortune are not all its cracked up to be. Post’s verses about fairweather friends just go to show how having the wrong people around you can make your life miserable. It’s an interesting track to hear now that Post is reportedly living a much healthier lifestyle. Check out the track above and let us know what you think in the comments!

Notable Lyrics:

Don’t want to sober up
The sun is killin’ my buzz, that’s why they call it “mourning”
Thought I was strong enough
Threw my bottle at the sky, said, “God, that’s a warning”