Anaté is a German pop duet formed in 2019 by singer-songwriter Ana and key producer Andrea. After listening to “After,” the first song off their upcoming second EP “Fume,” they are a pair I would describe as impressive. “After” was released on November 4th, and it’s a pretty sweet tune. We could listen to it throughout the day and never grow bored. This single is an excellent addition to the duo’s repertoire and pushes them further.

Opening with Ana’s seductive voice accompanied by beautiful piano chords, she brilliantly expresses the distinct singing talents that set her apart. The gentle percussion enriches the song’s flow and pattern and substantially adds to the song’s high level of activity. The song has an upbeat, incredibly appealing vibe and puts listeners in a great mood with an atmosphere that keeps us captivated in the song’s 3 minutes 13 seconds overall duration. Listeners get to feel a different type of passion through this song’s tremendous creativity, allowing them to optimally appreciate the song’s intricacy.

“After” is a song about the aftermath of a love tale that flows in the way that any upbeat music should. It discusses repeating errors and the guilty pleasures we derive from them, and it raises the question, “What comes after it?”. It’s a song that stimulates our thoughts once we hear it. “After” has chosen a topic that will undoubtedly relate to listeners. Focusing on the tune, it is not just a nice sound, but it is artistically crafted with an awesome rhythm and splendid ambiance that will make us infatuated with the melody.

Thanks to Andrea’s contribution, the song’s instrumentality, and production ensures that everything is accomplished flawlessly. I like the voice, words, tunes, melodies, and timings in this song, as well as how Ana expressed herself through the lyrics. Anaté’s “After” is a pretty great tune, and I’m anxious to see what they accomplish next.

Listen to “After” by Anaté on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
When I come to think why (After)
Every time I come your way the guilt comes (After)
Now and then I may be missing you but (After)
I want to forget how much we know
And then I come to think why (After)
All the shit that we’ve been through there is no (After)
Now and then you know I’m missing you but (After)
Guess I’m the one who’s asking for more

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