I Want My Music To Be A  Business That Generates A Good Passive Income.

.IRG: .irg is an independent singer and songwriter of Lo-Fi Pop/Hip-Hop. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he began pursuing music as a career during his sophomore year of college. In February 2019, .irg released his first single. Following this release, .irg would continue to release more music which would start to create his unique sound.

Where are you from and how does that affect your work?
I was born in Queens, NY but spent most of my childhood in Lancaster, PA. Being in the Northeast helped mold my sound in many ways. It also influenced the types of artists I would listen to.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
I love Jon Bellion, Jeremy Zucker, Shiloh Dynasty

How would you describe your style of music?
Lo-Fi Indie Pop/Hip-Hop

What inspired your new single ‘i wanna know (feat. Melody Lynn, Joshua Mine)’?
This is a Christian about wanting to know who the Lord is and wanting to be closer to Him.

Are there challenges you face?
I’m human, so I face challenges just like everyone else. My biggest challenges can sometimes be impatience in many different areas of my life.

What inspired the name?
.irg was inspired by my initials “Isaac Renato Gutierrez”

What can your listeners expect to see in a piece of future music produced?
They can expect to see more of me come out in every single new song I put out. I’m becoming more comfortable with who I am as an artist and I believe it will show over time.

Which music icon do you draw inspiration from?
I have learned a lot from my mentor, Johan Lenox.

What motivates you to create and the trends that inspire your work?
The 2 biggest motivations I have are my wife and my faith.

What have critics and collectors said about your work?
Everybody has lovers and haters. Those who love my music make it very clear to me that they want more. Those who don’t love it make it clear that they don’t want to be a part of the journey. Both are completely fine with me.

Do you have an existing fan base?
I would say that I have around 100 superfans and 1000 regular fans.

What are your ultimate artistic goals?
Turn my music into a business that generates a good passive income, while also creating a hobby that I can share with my children in the future.

What are your intentions in promoting this work?
The song has been out since March and has been promoted in a variety of ways already.

Describe your dream project and how we can encourage your career growth.
My dream project is to work alongside those whom I grew up listening to and have them all on an album together. What you guys can do is just share the music. Word of mouth goes a long way in this industry.

How do you collaborate with other artists and do you have any collaborations yet?
I’ve been collaborating with other artists in many different capacities since 2018. Sometimes we meet up in person, but most of the time we collaborate completely remotely.

Describe the best piece of art you’ve created.
The best track that I ever created is “new jersey” which is almost at 1 million streams on Spotify. This is about my wife in college.

Listen to ‘I Wanna Know’ on Spotify and support .irg’s music. Cheers!