Formed in 2018 but originally debuting in 2020, Blue Work is the artistic collaboration of multidisciplinary artists Hortensia and Vee, who live and work in Paris and London and combine genres such as retro, new wave, alternative pop, and trip-hop with warm and beautiful voices layered on top of whirling electronica. Blue Work is back with another addition to their discography, continuing to amaze their fans with their incredible musicianship. This new song, “The End of the Ride,” was published on September 30th and has already had over 95k listens on Spotify. This is just incredible!

“The End Of The Ride” is one of the most stunning compositions I have heard, opening with a tranquil synth auditory backdrop that forms the ideal intro to the song. The melody, piano dynamics, and percussive instruments give so much richness to the musical piece. Still, Hortensia snatches it away with her vocals which initially surprise us but is also a pleasant treat. The music puts its audience in a spell, enabling them to just groove with it as there are a lot of souls.

Hortensia sings on hardship and personal growth themes as she sings over delicate instruments and creates an intimate, emotional mood for the listener. The song is quite powerful if you can relate to it given how sincere she sounds. The song’s message is carried by its slow-paced flow, which allows the enchantment to gently dissipate into the atmosphere and infuse listeners with laid-back emotions.

Also, “the duo’s lyricism is also strongly inspired by their visual art background, making the project not only a musical endeavor but rather a holistic form of authentic artistic expression”.

The duo’s artistic abilities are simply unmatched, and “The End of the Ride” is a true work of art. The vocals are excellent, flawlessly blending the song’s melody with the duo’s high level of performance. Overall, the song is catchy and engaging with a distinctive melody that is simple to recall. Commercially, I believe it has the potential to make audiences feel better.

Listen to “The End Of The Ride” by Blue Work on Spotify and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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