Now, when I hear someone talk about a captivating song, I will only think of “Haunted By You,” the freshly exquisitely sung single from Los Angeles resident Bradley Denniston who was obsessed with becoming a singer since he was six years old. And now, I feel it’s a dream come true for him at this moment in his life, “Haunted By You” has him in the spotlight. Released on November 25th, it’s just his sixth single under his current label, Radium Records, and I’m confident this is what they’re looking for in him. His emotions are wonderfully expressed through his writing and performance.

“Haunted By You,” is appealing right from the outset as it begins in an upbeat and very fascinating style that is certain to keep listeners invested. It features a well-programmed beat with melodic harmonies that penetrate incredibly well and merge in with the mood, adding to the song’s entire charm. The upbeat demeanor is a sheer delight. Not to mention his vocals, they are exceptionally impressive and become the focal point of the song as he delivers forthrightly and effectively, cutting through the mix conveniently. It significantly altered my listening experience.

Featuring punny choruses and the tremendously fired-up mood that highlights Bradley’s distinct songwriting flair, “Haunted By You” is a standout song that incorporates marvelous contrasts that drive the sections so efficiently. The lyrics are about the duality of missing someone you connected with and can’t stop thinking about, but then realizing that he or she may not have affection for you. This might result in you being haunted by the individual since you can’t get them out of your head. The lyrics are extremely striking and lend the song a deep emotional impact. I can feel the emotion growing in strength.

Overall, “Haunted By You” is a work of art. Everything about it is first-rate. The words, vocals, and production combine to create a great composition, which is perfectly matched by lush synths and melodies that keep us fascinated from start to finish. Bradley Denniston has an incredible gift for making engaging music, and I’m looking forward to discovering what he has in the pipeline in the future.

Listen to “Haunted By You” by Bradley Denniston on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

Notable Lyrics
By you
You’re giving me all that I wanted
Now I’m being haunted
Haunted by
By you
You’re long gone by the morning
Now you got me haunted
Haunted by you

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