Bradley Denniston Discusses The Nature Of Relationships with ‘Stolen Love’.

Bradley Denniston, a Los Angeles, California-based vocalist, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, launched his solo music with the track ‘Stolen Love’ after making a reputation for himself working on blockbuster movies, Netflix originals, and several prominent popular singers. Bradley Denniston’s debut solo single, ‘Stolen Love,’ was self-written, recorded, mixed, as well as mastered, and released on April 16th, 2021.

Even though Bradley accomplished everything on his own, he was supported by some notable artists in the production. Marco Flores on guitars, Rhys Hastings on drums, Danny T. Levin on trumpet, trombone, and flugelhorn, David Moyer on sax, and Eduardo De Oliveira Lima on bass were among the musicians.
‘Stolen Love,’ by Bradley Denniston, is a well-crafted and groovy released song. The song’s sound is reminiscent of 1980s funk and it’s a lively and energetic tune. Bradley had the inspiration for writing this song from relationships taking place all across the world. About this, Bradley made a statement in an interview with Infared Magazine that,

“Stolen Love” is about: “All the love you experience has been stolen at one time or another.” “The one you’re in love with now was once in love with another. You stole all your love and someone stole your love.” Which means to win someone’s heart and to make someone fall in love with oneself.

As a result, Bradley’s most relatable track to date is ‘Stolen Love.’ Two and a half minutes of soaring indie rock that delves into the concepts of living in and out of relationships. It’s a situation that we can all identify with, and a story that speaks volumes about the present condition of relationships, which is unlikely to alter anytime soon.

Bradley’s voice in the song is really powerful, and the instrumentals are outstanding and perfectly complement his singing and maintained the song’s vitality. ‘Stolen Love’ is a wonderful combination of soul, pop, and funk with an earworm melody.

You can listen to ‘Stolen Love’ by following the link below and please share your thoughts with us. Cheers!