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Review Of Chapell’s “Gold”

Chapell is a New York-based singer/songwriter known for delivering honest and emotional stories through his songs. Chapell’s lyrics are helping him make a reputation for himself as an independent musician. Chapell has released visuals for his tune “Gold,” which was released nearly a year ago.

“Gold,” which clocks in at about four minutes in length, sees Chapell maintain his tendency for lengthier runtime with a terrific track filled with some classic rock elements that have a lot of modernity to it. “Gold” has a fantastic flow and unique flair with an incredible smooth tempo. The song has been perfectly performed, and the lovely and softly flowing vocals add to the track’s mood.

“Gold” is groovy music that will resonate with listeners and trigger memories. Chapell’s vocals break through the mix smoothly, providing a pleasant nourishing sense while the chorus is pitched tentatively softly with the addition of accompanying vocals, drawing forth exquisite and ethereal harmonies.

And this is how Alan describes it, “This song is sort of a historical fiction. A what if — what if Id never gotten my shit together and stayed in Stamford CT as a fall down drunk. And I found out about an ex girlfriend who was well off and living in NYC – and I hitched a ride to surprise her. Awkward….”

“Gold” exemplifies Chapell’s extraordinary songwriting skills, which are equaled only by his ability to deliver such wonderful music. The rhythms and guitar work keep the song moving, while the clean vocals cut through the mix so nicely, and the track’s production work is genuinely outstanding.

Listen to “Gold” by Chapell on Spotify and watch the video with the link provided and let us know what you think. Cheers!

You can follow Chapell below for more information.

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