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Review Of Clifford’s “Too Big Too Strong”

Clifford Reeves is an alt-rock, indie/pop artist from Westminster, Maryland. Clifford is a singer/songwriter, music producer, bass guitarist, keyboardist, and electronic drummer who has been influenced by The Temptations, Fairouz, Blind Willie Johnson, Aretha Franklin, Stromae, MIA, Drake, Kool & The Gang, Shakira, and Jerome Brailey, xxxTentacion, David Bowie, Rihanna, Mozart, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Eminem, Amr Diab, Beyonce, Yo-Yo Ma, and a slew of more artists. Clifford added “Too Big Too Strong” to his self-produced musical collections on May 13th of this year.

“Too Big Too Strong” is a rhythm that will have you tapping your foot right away. The song has an intense and visceral intensity that is only heightened by the mix, which includes a slew of synths and infomercial. Clifford’s technique on “Too Big Too Strong” is relatively frequent, yet it is done exceptionally well here. The impassioned verbal delivery heard throughout the song’s duration is merely one of the components that contribute to its success.

Clifford composed “Too Big Too Strong” to signify stepping into the light while striving for anything, and it is based on believing in yourself and pushing through your anxieties with confidence. “Too Big Too Strong” is a classic song that you don’t often hear these days. The high-energy beats and heartfelt passionate lyrics transport you and have you roaring along at the top of your might.

“Too Big Too Strong” is a tremendous song instrumentally, from the crimson drum that keeps you on your toes to the furious vocal. The songwriting is outstanding and draws you into the track’s heartfelt theme, covering a tough issue with an intensity that never wavers and a subtle sensitivity that demonstrates Clifford understands exactly what he’s talking about.

Overall, this single is a terrific addition to this rising star’s library. Using an intense and punchy poetic approach, as well as a superb flow. I would suggest it and am forward to seeing what Clifford does next.

“My hope with this song is that the listener feels empowered to rise above any challenges they encounter, whether those challenges are derived from within themselves or from others.” – Clifford

Listen to “Too Big Too Strong” by Clifford on SoundCloud and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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