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AiViA Has An Awesome Song On “Have You Ever Really Lived”

AiViA is a Gävle-based Swedish electronic music producer and composer. AiViA has been honing his brand of deep house-infused pop since 2020, amassing a dedicated fan base along the way. In his latest single, he demonstrates the melodic abilities and thought-provoking poetry that distinguishes him as a unique musician. This song, “Have You Ever Lived,” by him, depicts the genuinely essential events in life and was published on April 24th of this year.

The song’s profundity completely captivates us in his musical emotions, which is magnificent. At times, the songwriting is both humorous and profound. The words are simple and easy to grasp as the song unfolds. The song inspires us to live each day with joy and pleasure by making us recognize the beauty that exists in our environment.


As described by AiViA, “Have You Ever Really Lived” is an inspirational song, meant to light a fire in the listener’s heart and motivate them to live their best life. With its powerful rhythms and poetic lyrics, it is a song that will have a meaningful impact on listeners. AiViA is a one-of-a-kind talent with an exceptionally bright future. This song is to make the most out of life. Don’t waste time on dreaming, instead go out there and try to catch your dreams.


I enjoyed the production of the song, which has a strong presence without being overbearing at any point when the lyrics are performed. Each component mixed in flawlessly, making the project feel pretty unique. The mood may keep us all enthralled by the song till the conclusion. There was never a point when I felt like I was being sidetracked.

The beat becomes an important component in keeping the song’s excitement up. I’m certain that when people learn more about the music, they will be charmed by the elevated performance and thrill.

Listen to “Have You Ever Really Lived” by AiViA on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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