“Changed Her Mind” By Colt Sterk Is An Emotive And vulnerable Song.

Colt Sterk is an American artist who lives in Eagle, Idaho. Colt’s grandfather exposed him to music at an early age, teaching him how to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. Colt had begun writing songs at the age of 14 and had gone public with them in Eagle, Idaho. Even though Colt is presently a US Army Blackhawk Pilot, his devotion to his music profession has resulted in another lovely piece of music that he uploaded on April 22nd of this year. “Changed Her Mind” is the title of this new song.

As Colt Sterk’s latest tune with a spacey atmosphere, a gorgeous acoustic guitar, and a maraca-like shaking, the track features angelic tones and beautifully strummed guitar with intriguing percussion elements to produce a contemporary-sounding, multi-genre piece that presents a gloomy yet entertaining vision of someone ending up in a broken relationship.

With influences from John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Eric Church, Jake Owen, Kip Moore, Ben Rector, and others, “Changed Her Mind” is a tune that feels quite remote from reality. This merges seamlessly with a strong lyrical focus on an individual fighting a continual temptation to call an ex after a breakup and finally succumbing to that desire.

Colt’s single, “Changed Her Mind,” is a break-up song. Colt Sterk mentions an ex-girlfriend who changed her mind after promising her love. The singer underlines the difficulties he had following the split in the song’s lyrics. He also discussed the challenge to resist the impulse to contact a former¬†partner.

Colt Sterk adds an unexpected song structure to the tense and nervous character of the music, creating some tension to address the topic of depth and grief about how he feels about the breakup. It is, nevertheless, tempered with live angelic tones and percussion. Despite its gloomy premise, “Changed Her Mind” is music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, thanks to some funky electric guitar parts, and makes the tune seem soothing to listen to.

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