Rosehip publishes An Immersive and Inspiring Single.

Rosehip’s new tune “Oxygen,” which serves as the spine-tingling end of Rosehip’s debut album “Origins” due out in 2022, is an eclectic fusion of relaxing lo-fi sounds complimented by soulful vocals and jazzy instrumentals. The song “Oxygen,” written and produced by Keir Craxton, was released on May 25, 2022.

“Oxygen” is a rousing electro-funk anthem brimming with real, captivating emotion. The luscious bass of the music contrasts with a gentle breakdown that includes an uplifting statement about confronting your worries. The music represents accomplishing an incredible struggle, such as ascending a mountain.

Rosehip’s “Oxygen” gradually unravels, revealing its diverse range of musical inspirations. Rosehip moves between instrumentals with elegance and ease. Rosehip’s ‘Oxygen,’ as the description suggests, seems like the purest sort of lifestyle energy. The downtempo electronic instrumental composition completely washes over you, leaving you in a state of happiness. It’s a thrilling piece, fascinating from beginning to end without ever being unduly dramatic, loud, or obnoxious while an encouraging spoken word in the middle of the song catches our hearts and souls.

Rosehip demonstrates great producing talents on “Oxygen,” building the piece flawlessly and keeping the listener interested throughout by quietly introducing changes in rhythm and tone while maintaining a smooth flow. “Oxygen” is exceptionally well-ordered and coherent structurally, sounding both professional and new at the same time.

“Oxygen” is a track whose title sums up its energy nicely, with calming and tranquil instrumentals flowing throughout the soundscape endlessly. “Oxygen” therefore, acts as a reminder to Rosehip that no matter how bad life becomes, it can all be made better with a deep breath of fresh air. It’s a very lovely river-Esque electronic music that will leave you completely in awe.

Listen to “Oxygen” on Rosehip’s Spotify and let us know what you think here. Cheers!