Gary Dranow, of Park City, has returned with a fresh new song he called “Something About You,” which was born from “Destiny Road,” a song he told his audiences about a dream he had in 1996 when he found himself in a hallucinatory condition amid Emerald colored hills where he met with a traveler. As a result, “Something About You” is a song dedicated to the traveler (wife) with whom he fell in love. It’s a love song he released on 13th January of this year and features modern electronic beats, lush vocals, and groovy guitars. Now let me tell you about it.

We are whisked into a vision of affection and devotion from the time the first chord is hit and submerges us in its enchantment as the driving beat of the guitar swiftly keeps us interested. Gary’s impassioned and passionate vocals begin immediately following the opening with a vocal delivery that is perfectly natural and seamless singing heartfelt and genuine lyrics that display his incredible compositional strengths and his enormous affection for his wife, Elizabeth. The song’s catchy melody, along with Gary’s rich vocals, make it sound attractive and, to be honest, rather fulfilling especially with the upbeat paired with the lyrics that speak directly to the heart.

“Something About You” is a song written by Gary Dranow that expresses his admiration for his wife’s gracefulness, as well as the way she makes him feel every day. It acknowledges the ups and downs of their relationship but ultimately declares that there’s just something about her that makes him fall in love all over again. The lyrics are simple yet effective, hitting a chord with listeners and making us feel as though we’re a part of their love story. This song is a love celebration. Dranow’s zeal and affection for his wife shine through in this heartfelt and heartwarming dedication.

Instrumentally, everything on this tune is top-notch, with driving drumming, soaring guitar solos, and beautiful harmonies that back Dranow’s passionate vocal delivery. The guitar work, in particular, is amazing and contagious, and it complements the entire song. The song builds to a peak, with the guitar solo taking center stage, before ending with a haunting outro.

Overall, “Something About You” is a timeless classic rock song. It’s a great illustration of how rock music can elicit powerful emotions and connect with the audience. The production is clear and sharp, highlighting each instrument and ensuring that the enthusiasm never dwindles. Gary’s performance is also terrific and will have with listeners thumping their feet and singing along from the beginning to the last lyric. “Something About You” is a must-listen for any rock music aficionado, and it is a real classic that will be cherished for years to come.

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